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2X Software Transforms Facebook into a Powerful Tool for Business

August 10, 2012

DALLAS, August 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

2X releases free Facebook App for secure access to Windows applications and desktops,
based on its proven RDP Client technology making Facebook a tool for business

2X Software today announced that now Facebook users for the first time can access
Windows applications and desktops seamlessly from their Facebook accounts with the 2X
Client App for Facebook [http://www.2x.com/rdp-client/facebook ], running on Windows PCs
and Notebooks.

Until today, Facebook users had to switch between their Facebook Web Interface and
external software products to connect to their business Desktops and Applications. With
the newly released 2X Facebook App any Windows application or desktop can be seamlessly
published directly from the Facebook account via a secure RDP SSL remote connection. The
2X Client for Facebook is free, easy to install, and compatible with any Microsoft
Terminal Server, Microsoft Hyper-V as well as VMware ESX and ESXi Server by using 2X
ApplicationServer XG.

“By introducing this new 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktops, we are targeting companies
that want to offer their employees and partners who use Facebook simple and secure remote
access to their business Windows applications and desktops,” stated Nikolaos Makris, CEO
of 2X Software. “In the coming months we will introduce additional Remote Access Apps that
will allow Facebook users to share Applications and Desktops with friends directly from
their Facebook account. All this is part of our continued commitment to provide seamless
application and desktop access solutions to users around the world.”

The free 2X Client for Facebook is available here [https://apps.facebook.com/tuxclient

About 2X ApplicationServer XG

The 2X Client for Facebook supports 2X ApplicationServer XG
[http://www.2x.com/applicationserver ], combining the best in application delivery and
virtual desktop (VDI) management. This allows IT administrators to publish Microsoft
Windows virtual applications and desktops from an all-in-one platform.

2X offers a free 3-connection license of 2X ApplicationServer XG available by visiting
2X ApplicationServer XG Free Download [http://www.2x.com/applicationserver/download ].
Organizations can use this trial version to seamlessly tunnel up to 3-connections per
server to remote desktops.

About 2X Software

2X Software [http://www.2x.com ] is a global leader in virtual desktop and application
delivery, remote access and cloud computing solutions. Thousands of enterprises worldwide
trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products
[http://www.2x.com/products-releases/products ]. 2X offers a range of solutions to make
every company’s leap to cloud computing simple and affordable.

Contact Caroline Stokes on +44(0)845-222-0425 or email cs@2x.com.

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