August 10, 2012

New WordPress iOS App Is Major Overhaul

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

WordPress, a popular blog-hosting site, has released a new application for iOS devices that is a major overhaul.

The company released a major update for its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices that completely redesigns the app from the ground up.

The sidebar navigation addition is similar to the Facebook user interface for iOS devices. It provides easy access to app settings, as well as quick photo updates.

iPad WordPress users will also find the application update takes advantage of the tablet's wider screen. WordPress said it added a "Panels" interface that allows for viewing a lot of information on a blog all at once.

"Panels can be moved around and re-sized so that you can view your content however you´d like," the company wrote in a blog post. "You can also remove extra Panels that you don´t need anymore by dragging the entire Panel stack to the right."

WordPress also added the ability to view the application in landscape orientation, allowing users to turn their iPad horizontally and still use the app.

The iPad also has features like Quick Photo added to it as well, which is a feature that was previously available in the iPhone app and is now iPad friendly.

Also, a "Post Preview" function has been added for iPad users, allowing for a preview of the post, including formatting and images, before actually making the blog go live.

Users will now be able to find their friends who are also sitting in the blogosphere on WordPress with the integration of "Friend Finder." This feature allows users to search for Facebook and Twitter friends who use WordPress.

"In addition to all of this great new stuff, we also made many reliability and performance improvements to the app," said WordPress.

Users wrote on the WordPress blog page about how impressed they were with the latest iOS update.

"Great job on the update," WordPress user Cutler wrote in the comment section of the blog post. "I use the iOS version almost exclusively, and now with Dashboard, I don´t have to go to my regular computer for simple blog maintenance."

Although the latest updates are big changes, WordPress said it isn't done yet. The company said it is already working on its next big update.

"Development is continuing at a very rapid pace. We are already marching towards the next big release of the app. So far we are keen on adding a Visual Editor, a Notification Area and support for Featured Images," WordPress wrote in the blog.