August 10, 2012

Lenovo Creating Windows RT Convertible Tablet

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Lenovo is creating a convertible notebook computer that can turn into a tablet.

The report, citing people familiar with the situation, said that the new device would offer a keyboard that flips around to transform it from a notebook, into a tablet.

The new device would use a Windows RT operating system, which is the ARM-based version of Windows 8.

The tablet's operating system indicates the device would be powered by an ARM chip, rather than a traditional Intel or AMD computer chip.

If the Journal report is true, then the new device would be Lenovo's second Windows 8 convertible tablet.

Lenovo unveiled earlier this year the IdeaPad Yoga, which is a notebook that can bend itself backward into a tablet. This device will be powered by an Intel chip, and will run the full version of Windows 8.

Lenovo also announced the ThinkPad tablet 2 at a business event in New York earlier this week. This 10.2-inch tablet will use Intel hardware and will run Windows 8 Pro.

Dilip Bhatia, general manager of Lenovo's ThinkPad business, told the Journal that along with the Intel-based tablet, Lenovo will be introducing a Windows RT device when Windows hits the market. This could indicate that the rumored convertible tablet may be available around the October 26th release date.

The report also said the Nvidia signed a deal with Lenovo to put its quad-core Tegra 3 chip inside the Windows RT device.

Nvidia reported on Friday that it has nearly doubled its second quarter profits from the same quarter last year to $119 million as Tegra sales grow.

The firm reported revenue of $1.04 billion, which is a thirteen percent increase from the same period last year.

While rumors circulate about an upcoming tablet, Lenovo celebrated the 20th anniversary of its ThinkPad this week. The company brought in press and analysts on Wednesday to show some of its early products alongside other innovations.

For the past twenty years, commercial entities have bought 76 million ThinkPads. These devices have seen updates over the years, and still remain a stronghold for Lenovo.