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Challenges in Hiring Programmers

August 12, 2012

LONDON and WARSAW, August 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Software development companies and corporations with high IT demands are facing
challenges in effectively identifying candidates with suitable programming skills.
Recruiters for such companies do not have appropriate tools in place to help them
distinguish the good from the bad. This leads to high rejection rates because candidates’
programming abilities are just not good enough, or the wrong person being hired for the

According to a recent Forbes article[1], a mishire can cost a company about USD25k, so
it is crucial to have the right processes and tools to enable companies to hire the right
person. In order to properly vet each candidate, the company would have to devote hours of
the precious time of an experienced senior technical staff member to assess each
candidate’s technical abilities. This is highly inefficient and wasteful of valuable human

Overwork Your HR or Overly Stringent Requirements?

As for organisations that are flooded with too many applicants, they must employ
overly stringent requirements or mechanisms to find the right candidates. This will
definitely cause the company to filter out some candidates with strong programming skills
who might not have the most illustrious resume or past experience. Take the example of
Google: they receive about 1 million resumes per year[2] but only hire about 1,000 to
4,000 employees annually. Imagine the amount of work Google needs to do to look through
each resume; and imagine, too, the number of good programmers who have been overlooked.

Optimise the Hiring Process

Codility (http://codility.com/ [https://codility.com ]), a web-based system for
screening candidates for programming jobs, can be used to improve the hiring process.
Codility enables companies to verify the programming skills of candidates in automated
way, even for very large numbers of candidates. Moreover, recruiters who do not have the
necessary specialised IT and programming knowledge can use Codility to screen candidates
for their clients, thus adding more value to their services.

Simulated Work Environment Methodology

The successful methodology used in technical screening must simulate a natural
programming environment. This is achieved with Codility by allowing the candidate to write
and submit, using their web browser, a small snippet of code to solve a particular task.
In the backend, the candidate’s code will be compiled and tested not merely for
correctness but also for performance, to determine the efficiency of the candidate’s
solution. Codility has a large database of categorised aptitude tests. Tests are
language-independent and can be administered in any of 14 of the most popular programming

Comprehensive Reporting

A practical report on a candidate’s programming skills needs to clearly assess two
aspects: whether the candidate’s solutions work correctly and whether they can handle
large amounts of data efficiently. Codility (https://codility.com) achieves these
goals through careful usability design and the proprietary code assessment technology.
Codility tests have been proven to save approximately two hours of a recruiter’s time per
screened candidate. The Codility test report is not only a valuable filtering tool, but it
also serves as a starting point for a technical interview, since it includes the
candidate’s coding samples along with precise assessments of correctness and scalability.

Focus on Candidates

Customers of Codility have reported that they save up to 100 hours compared with their
previous hiring process. This significantly reduces the cost of screening candidates for
programming jobs. For face-to-face interviews, companies can devote more of their time and
effort to understanding other aspects of the candidate that are important to be a good or
even great employee.

Applicable Everywhere

The need for qualified technical talent exists almost everywhere – from small
start-ups to financial institutions, universities to retailers. Codility clients reflect
this diversity. Codility has helped to optimise the recruitment processes of blue-chips
(such as Amazon, Samsung, PayPal, Opera, Nokia and Siemens), financial services providers
(e.g. DebtX, Fidessa, Asurion), research institutions (Oxford University, Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory) and hundreds of start-ups (including Shopify, eHarmony,
iSocket and Playfire).

For more information about Codility’s services and methodology or free demo, call

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