Apple Rumor Mill: Pre-orders On September 12
August 14, 2012

New iPhone Announcement Expected September 12

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

By now, most everyone agrees Apple will announce a new iPhone come September 12, just 29 days from now.

The team at had the September 12 date first. Then, last month, got involved with their own rumor: Apple would announce a new iPhone and a new iPad Mini on the same day. Later, in a rumor reminiscent of the “Apple will refresh the entire Mac line!” rumor in the days before WWDC,  iMore reported that Apple would also announce updates to their entire iPod line. These updates would bring the 9-pin connector to the entire iDevice line, effectively killing the 30-pin connector and making sure we never have to remember those days at all.

Clearly, iMore is on a bit of a hot streak. Yesterday they announced that not only will Apple announce a new iPhone on September 12, and not only will they announce a new iPad “Mini” and updates to their entire iPod line on September 12, they´ll also begin taking pre-orders for the new iPhone on the same day.

“The information on Apple pre-orders comes from sources that have provided iMore with accurate iPhone related launch dates in the past. The information on the international launches comes from sources that have provided our network, Mobile Nations, with accurate information in the past,” writes Rene Ritchie of

Though Apple will begin taking pre-orders straight away, the phone won´t be available until September 21, a full 9 days later. Ritchie also says iMore has learned that there will be a second wave of iPhone releases in the first week of October, presumably for International markets. Mr. Jonathan S Geller of the Boy Genius Report (BGR) agrees with Ritchie, citing their own AT&T sources as saying there will be an “all-hands-on-deck” policy enforced from the third or fourth week in September all the way through the middle of October, presumably to handle the waves and waves of expectant iPhone customers.

With anything Apple, analysts, pundits and watchers alike try to find patterns in the smoke and judge new rumors against these patterns. Therefore, it´s been noted that a September 12th announcement and pre-order with a September 21 release, while more aggressive than usual, is pretty close to the release schedule Apple has followed in recent years.

While iMore has plenty of information about the unreleased iPhone, they still have scant information about the alleged new iPad “Mini” or new iPods, saying only that Apple may announce them and then may release them at a later date. Apple has, in the past, made their new iPods available very soon after an announcement.

A September 12 announcement and pre-order date is not only aggressive, it´s downright dangerous.

As Apple has grown into such a large and very well-known company, interest in anything new has reached a critical peak. Therefore, Apple´s penchant for on-stage theatrics doesn´t only shock and amaze those watching, it also creates mini-riots as millions rush to their website to check out all the details about their latest creations. hasn´t been able to handle the weight during recent releases and pre-orders, as the site came to a crawl when the Retina Display iPad was announced and iPhone 4S pre-orders began.

If this rumor is true, hopefully Apple has learned their lesson and beefed up their servers. Otherwise, for millions, their first impression of the new iPhone could be a poor one as they continuously click and hope the site stays up for just another moment longer as they work their way through a frustratingly slow pre-order process.