Dell Daughter Gets Grounded
August 14, 2012

What Not To Do When Your Daddy Is Rich

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

An 18-year old girl with a phone can apparently bring a powerful security team to its knees.

For all its benefits, social media and networking can be awfully dangerous. We´ve all seen our fair share of how people can be followed and tracked by using nothing but information these people have made publicly available through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

How frustrating is it, then, to be a father who goes out of his way to protect his family, only to have the entire system undermined by some errant updates from his teenage daughter?

Alexa Dell, daughter of the 41st richest man in the world – Michael Dell of Dell Computers – has been posting Instagram pictures of her current location as well as sending out GPS-tagged Tweets about her whereabouts, her father´s whereabouts and other information about family vacations. These messages, according to the Telegraph, have been considered “compromising” by Dell´s security staff.

About that security staff – Dell spends nearly $2.7 million a year on security for his family, according to the company´s regulatory filings.

Alexa Dell (what a name for a millionaire´s daughter) posted a picture recently of her brother, Zachary, as he sat in the family´s private jet, ensconced in what appears to be a smorgasbord of fruits, cheeses, and other foodstuffs. To his left, a laptop which I can only assume is a Dell. Zachary is a good son.

Not long after this picture was posted by Alexa to Instagram, a Tumblr account, Rich Kids on Instagram, picked up the picture and, as these things often go, the image was an instant viral hit. This picture wasn´t Alexa´s first offense. She´s also been guilty of tweeting the exact days she expected to arrive in new cities, post her locations and plans for the day, and even posted details of her high school graduation dinner party, meaning she told everyone in the connected world where her rich and powerful daddy would be located, down to the time and location.

In the days since Zachary´s internet stardom, his picture has been pulled from Rich Kids of Instagram and Alexa´s Twitter account has been taken down. Bloomberg reached out to the Dell company to ask if her account had been taken down because of security concerns, but was met with the response, “We don´t make any comments regarding Mr. Dell´s, or his family´s, personal activities.”

“I´m sure they called the dad and shut it down,” said Jason Thorsett of Custom Protective Services, a bodyguard agency who spoke with Bloomberg about this incident.

“It´s innocent on the kids´ behalf, but social networking has become the bane of our existence. They undo a lot of hard work on Facebook and Twitter.”

It can be particularly frightening to know that social media and networking can so easily undo $2.7 million worth of security measures. On the other hand, the same social media brings us interesting finds, such as the crazy-making Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr account, which features, as you´d expect, bikini-clad youth lounging on boats, pictures of copious amounts of champagne being poured, and more pictures of astronomically high bar tabs than you´d ever imagine.

Apparently, this is how the better half lives.