August 14, 2012

Steve Jobs’ House Burglarized

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

According to the Mercury News of Silicon Valley, the home of the late Steve Jobs was burglarized nearly a month ago on July 17. The intruder was able to make away with $60,000 worth of “computers and personal items,” though it is not yet clear if any of these items belonged to Jobs or another family member.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Tom Flattery , a member of the high-technology crimes unit, spoke with the Mercury News, saying authorities already have a suspect in custody.

According to Flattery, authorities arrested one Kariem McFarlin, 35, of Alameda in his hometown on August 2. McFarlin was arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the Jobs home and then selling the stolen property. He is currently in a county jail on a $500,000 bail and could face a maximum sentence of 7 years and 8 months. He could also face a one-year enhancement for “excessive taking of property,” according to Flattery. McFarlin is set to return to court on August 20 to enter his plea.

According to the Mercury News, this break-in was likely related to a string of recent burglaries to hit the Bay area, which have hit double digits since the beginning of the year.

Palo Alto police are attributing this rash of break-ins to unlocked windows and doors in the area. All told, the number of burglaries have risen by 63% this year.

Flattery told the newspaper he doubts McFarlin knew he was breaking into the home of Apple Co-Founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

“The best we can tell is it was totally random," said Flattery.

There were few other details about the burglary when the news was released on Monday. The July 17th break in was listed in this weekend´s report log which was issued to the media on Monday. Any inquiries about the break-in have been referred to the district attorney´s office, as charges have been filed in the matter.

As told in the Walter Isaacson biography, Steve Jobs´ home is not a flashy or ornate one. Rather, it sits simply in a quiet Palo Alto neighborhood. It sits on a corner and is easily visible by anyone walking down the street. The house isn´t blocked by security, and when Jobs passed away last year on October 5, many mourners made their way to his home to pay their respects and leave flowers on the outskirts of his lawn. Fans continued to seek out his home even months after his death.

Elsewhere in the Isaacson biography, Jobs is said to have led a very minimalist lifestyle. In his younger days, Jobs famously filled his California mansion with nothing more than some records, a hi-fi, and a lamp.

As such, it´s a little surprising McFarlin was able to get away with so much stuff.

Jobs passed away last year at the age of 56, just a few weeks after stepping away from the company which he built from his parents California garage.