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We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday! More Brits Plan to Get Away This Summer, say Holiday Hypermarket

August 14, 2012

LONDON, August 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

-Holiday Hypermarket investigate popular summer bookings, which have

increased despite national events at home-

Many more Britons are planning holidays between June and August this year, putting an
end to “staycations” in favour of beach holidays, say Holiday Hypermarket
[http://www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk ]. Destinations such as Spain and the Balearic Islands
are popular holiday choices [http://www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk/all-inclusive-holidays ]
that present attractive alternatives to what many deem to be a sport-and-festival overload
at home.

According to a survey held by location and navigation company, TomTom, just one in
five Britons is planning to stay home this summer, which is a reduction from last year’s
numbers despite national events that have been planned for the high season.

The results also indicate a shift in attitude: whereas holidaymakers in 2011 made
plans in August, this year a large number of holidays have also been booked for June and
July, with many respondents opting to relax and enjoy the sunshine abroad
[http://www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk/canada ].

Calum Macdonald, E-Commerce Manager at Holiday Hypermarket, comments: “Spain,
particularly Majorca, is one of Holiday Hypermarket’s most popular destinations,
accounting for nearly seven per cent of all our holiday bookings last summer.

“Another reason Britons are keen to plan getaways could be the heavy rain and drizzle
experienced in most parts of the country recently. We’re pleased to offer holidaymakers a
quick fix to the rainy day blues; simply book a holiday to Majorca and pack your swimsuit
[http://www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk/majorca ].”

About Holiday Hypermarket:

Holiday Hypermarket (http://www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk) is a UK based holiday
comparison community. We are passionate about helping people in the UK explore, learn and
enjoy the world by removing the obstacles that keep them from getting the most out of
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With Holiday Hypermarket you have access to a huge number of travel suppliers which
will help you put together flexible, restriction free, itineraries. This, combined with
our excellent customer service and vibrant online community, makes Holiday Hypermarket a
great place to start exploring the world.

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