iPad Still The King
August 15, 2012

Apple’s iPad Still Reigns Supreme

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Just as many individuals finally had to come to terms with the fact that the Internet might not be a fad after all, some may finally be at that place in their lives where they can admit that the iPad is here to stay. Considering Apple is largely expected to release a newer, smaller iPad in just a few weeks, this dominance could be crushing to competitors.

It´s a survey we´ve seen time and time again: The iPad is the best-selling tablet on the market, and by no small margin.

The latest statistics from IHS iSuppli show that Apple now has control over 70% of the tablet market, based on sales in the second quarter. Samsung, their closest number 2 and current enemy in the court room, owns just 9.2% of the tablet market. Amazon, Asus and Barnes and Noble make up the remainder with their tablet offerings.

According to the IHS iSuppli numbers, Apple shipped 17 million new iPads globally during the second quarter, a 44% increase over last quarter´s 11.8 million. Apple´s market share has also grown quarter-over-quarter, from 58% in the first quarter to 69.6% in the second.

This is the highest market share Apple has had since the first quarter in 2011, and all while rumors run rampant of a smaller iPad to be released soon.

"Apple is making all the right moves to rebuild its dominant position in the tablet space," said Rhoda Alexander director of tablet and monitor research for IHS iSuppli, in a statement.

"The company is pushing visual performance boundaries with the new iPad, while providing value customers with a lower-priced alternative, the iPad 2."

As noted before, these numbers are nothing new, nothing shocking. Apple´s iPad has not only redefined a genre of device, it´s gone on to dominate this market every step of the way. Each year there are promises of new devices which are heralded as “iPad Killers,” and each year, few of these devices are able to stand up to the task.

This year, Google and Microsoft have thrown their hats into the “iPad Killer” ring as they take a cue from Apple, releasing their own branded tablets rather than sticking to licensing out their software.

The Google Nexus 7, for instance, is the only aforementioned tablet on the market and has so far been selling incredibly well. Since its release, Google has struggled to keep the tablets in stock and available for shipment, and at a starting price of $199, it´s easy to see why.

Microsoft announced their own line of tablets just days ahead of Google and has yet to bring the tablet to market, with an expected release date of October 26, presumably several weeks after a smaller, 7-inch Apple iPad could make it to market.

"Apple's major media tablet rivals, Google and Microsoft, hope to challenge Apple in the second half of the year, but will be facing formidable headwinds with no sign that the market leader is backing off of its aggressive strategy in the market," Alexander said.

Even so, Alexander warns Apple to be watching these competitors as they make attempts to boost their app ecosystems as well as bring improved offerings to the market. Microsoft, in particular, is one to watch for, says Alexander, as their new Xbox offerings will bring Windows Phone and Windows Surface tablets into the entire Microsoft ecosystem, an ecosystem similar to Apple´s own.