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Nutmeg Education Launches Common Core Standards Instruction, Assessment and Remediation Platform

August 15, 2012

HOBE SOUND, Fla., Aug. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Any teacher can tell you that instruction, assessment and remediation are inter-connected components of student learning. But if these components are interconnected, why don’t teachers use a tool that’s interconnected, too?

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Nutmeg Education launched its beta web platform for teachers and students today, NutmegEducation.com, integrating instructional resources, assessment tools and remediation in a single streamlined website. The platform’s Assessment Center and Remedial Education Center provides teachers with a new way to diagnosis student weaknesses and give them extra help where they need it. The platform utilizes a vast library of already existing resources on the web, like those from the acclaimed Khan Academy. The instructional portion –the Lesson Plan Network –made its debut in late May.

The company’s goal is to help out teachers and schools who are being held hostage by the textbook, assessment and remediation companies and put teachers in charge of creating, sharing and curating the content they use in their classrooms, all in one place, and all for free.

NutmegEducation.com is a “Return On Teacher Investment”, or “ROTI” platform. It helps teachers get the most out of the work they put into classroom preparation, assessment and remediation by saving them valuable time, giving them important data on students’ progress and helping them individualize their students’ learning.

Nutmeg distinguishes itself from its competitors through this integration of its three major components. As Founder Jon Modica explains, “We’re unique because we are the only platform that provides instructional resources, assessments, student performance data, and online remediation tools, all in one place. Because these components inform one another, by combining all three, we have created a program that is more than a sum of its parts. This interconnected system is a fundamental necessity in classrooms, yet no program to date has utilized this crucial process.”

The platform’s true usefulness comes from the teachers who use it. Co-founder Teddy Hills explains, “Our core belief is that the teaching community can collectively achieve far more than a single educator working in isolation. By pooling their materials and expertise, we make it easier for teachers to plan standards-aligned lessons, assess understanding, and remediate effectively. That way, teachers have more time to do what they do best: work with their students.”

The platform comes at the perfect time with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative, a state-led plan to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, and consequently, what they will be tested on by their state. Forty-seven states are now on-board with the Common Core State Standards, so for the first time, millions of teachers can have confidence they will be covering essentially the same curriculum, making the benefits of national teacher collaboration even more salient. As Jon Modica points out, “teachers everywhere put in countless hours of work creating lesson plans, assessments and remedial resources. Why reinvent the wheel every day?”

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About Nutmeg Education:

Nutmeg Education, LLC was founded in July, 2011 in Hobe Sound, Florida, by Jonathan Modica. During the first few months, Jon and the company’s co-founder, Teddy Hills, engaged teachers around the country and quickly identified what they describe as a “mismatch” in how teachers were using the available K-12 resources. Many teachers were trying to inform their instruction from the results of assessments that were solely designed by test companies to measure standardized assessment performance. By doing this, teachers, schools, and districts were using test data to make inappropriate assumptions about student learning. Nutmeg soon evolved to tackle not just the assessment mismatch, but also the need for instructional resources and remediation. Nutmeg was created to help teachers through a free online platform, empowering them with the greatest resource that there is to offer — the collective knowledge of the teaching community.

Until this past year, teachers’ ability to share standards-aligned materials and resources has been prohibited by the vast differences among state curriculum standards. The Common Core State Standards, a set of education standards now adopted by 47 states, provide a baseline for sharing across the country. Therefore, the time is perfect for the Nutmeg Education platform.

In November, Nutmeg contracted with New Philosophy, LLC, a digital agency in New York with the technical know-how and design prowess to make Nutmeg’s vision a reality. From the start, Nutmeg worked closely with teachers to be sure they were building a platform that was aligned to teachers’ daily classroom needs and easy enough for all teachers to use during their already packed schedule. The twenty teachers who spent time and energy helping to design Nutmeg are Nutmeg’s “Founding Teachers”; these Founding Teachers played a key role in helping create the platform.

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