August 15, 2012

Rumors Heat Up For iPad Mini On September 12

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Two relative newcomers to the Apple rumor mill have been, how do I say, crushing it this year with iPad and iPhone rumors. Of course, we won´t know by how much they´ve crushed it until Apple takes the stage, but based on reactions from other, reliable news sources, I´d say they´re having a pretty good go of it.

Both and have released some very credible rumors this year concerning Apple´s newest iDevices. iMore, of course, was the “first” site to get the September 12th announcement and September 21st release date correct. I say “first,” of course, because a French site, called the September 21st release date a few days before iMore. Additionally, the September 12th release date is what got most of the thumbs up of approval from sites like The Verge and Apple watchers such as Jim Dalrymple. Most recently, iMore has been able to “confirm” that Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the next iPhone on announcement day, and will begin shipping on the 21st.

According to the recent rumblings, this announcement will certainly be about the next iPhone, but could also carry a few wild cards, such as one or more new iPods (Nano or Touch) and a possible “iPad Mini. “

For all the talk of an “iPad Mini,” it´s interesting that we know so very little about it. In fact, most of the talk we´ve been hearing is about its existence, not so much about its appearance. We´re clearly more enamored with its “realness” than we are how it looks. After all, we´re pretty sure it´s going to look like the rest of the iDevices, right?

Yesterday, 9to5Mac got another possible win, posting a picture of a few mockups, in addition to a rumored case for such a device.

The team at 9to5Mac say they´ve been receiving tips over the last few weeks about the “iPad Mini´s” appearance, and now feel confident in saying this rumored device will “Look like a big iPod Touch,” of all things. One bit of difference from the iPod Touch, however, are smaller bezels on the sides of the device and separate buttons for volume, rather than the rocker found on the current iPad and iPod Touch.

9to5Mac also throw some speculation around on this new device, saying they expect the new “iPad Mini” to have both front and back cameras for video conferencing and what not, suggesting these cameras might be similar to those found on the iPad 2.

They are also expecting a super thin device, more akin to the thin iPod Touch, an incredibly thin and slick device.

As for LTE, the 9to5Mac team speculate this device will do without in order to allow Apple to meet that widely expected sub-$299 price point. Then again, we never know.

Later on in the day, the beloved and loathed John Gruber [] confirmed most of this information in a lengthy post entitled “Thinking This iPad Mini Thing Even Througher,” a nod to an earlier post he had written in trying to fully understand why Apple would want to release such a device.

Gruber even makes a point to credit DigiTimes for first pointing out the slimmer-bezel design. As for the name, Gruber doesn´t think Apple will go with “iPad Mini,” and instead offers a better, more Apple-y “iPad Air.”

Sounds fitting, no?