August 15, 2012

Sony Rolling Out PlayStation Mobile This Fall

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

Sony is planning to roll out its PlayStation Mobile gaming service this fall, offering up content for devices like PlayStation Vita and Xperia smartphones and tablets.

The company said on Tuesday that its service will be available in nine countries, including the U.S., Japan and Canada.

The PlayStation Mobile service will provide a platform for third-party software developers and publishers to create new content like games for portable devices, similar to Apple's App Store.

Sony said 29 developers and publishers in the U.S., and 56 in Japan and Europe have agreed to develop content for PlayStation Mobile.

The content will be available through the PlayStation Store on the Vita and PlayStation Certified devices. Once PlayStation Mobile content is launched, original PlayStation games in the form of PSOne Classics will be discontinued and users who want to play those games will have to find another way.

The PlayStation Vita is available for about $300 at retailers, and it is a mobile gaming system. Other products like Sony Ericsson Xperia Play are also compatible with the PlayStation Mobile content.

Sony also announced that it will be adding several features and tweaks to the PS Vita in its next software update. These fixes include new button controls for several of the Vita's menus, which were previously only controlled by the touchscreen.

The update will also allow the Vita to import playlists from iTunes and the PlayStation 3. The update is positioned to come out on August 18.

Sony announced Asus and Wikipad as the newest PlayStation-certified hardware partners, but the company did not announce specific devices.