Is A Larger Kindle Fire In The Works?
August 16, 2012

Plan For Larger Kindle Fire Hits FCC

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

Some Internet sleuths uncovered an FCC filing on Wednesday that indicates a larger Kindle Fire Tablet could be arriving soon.

The Digital Reader found the FCC documentation, though there were not a ton of details available about the device. In fact, Amazon used a front company in an effort to conceal its connection.

The finding revealed a 10-inch touchscreen display at the 4:3 aspect ratio, which is a very similar configuration to the iPad.

The filing company is an empty front calling itself Harpers LLC. This is a strategy that Amazon has used in the past, however cumbersome it may be.

The Kindle Fire has been on the market for about nine months with a relative amount of success. However, the extreme popularity of Google´s Nexus 7 launch in July has given Amazon reason to further iterate its tablet line.

The FCC filing only shows what would be the back side of the device; this is the place that companies place the FCC certification icon.

Another indication that such a tablet could be coming soon would be if Amazon drops the price of its Kindle Fire. It is currently priced at $199, the same cost as the 8 GB Nexus 7.

Several sites, including UberGizmo, speculated recently that a price drop could be coming in advance of a rollout of new Fire devices.