Fanland: A Social Media Site Dedicated to Sports Announces Launch

August 17, 2012

Fanland announces the launch of its new social networking website dedicated to sports fans. The purpose of the site is to capture the sports conversation and give sports fans a place to obtain and exchange information about their favorite teams. Fanland will be making the new website fanland.com available to all users starting today.

Rochester, MN (PRWEB) August 17, 2012

Fanland announces the launch of its new social networking website dedicated to sports fans. Fans who create an account at Fanland.com can choose their favorite teams as well as following other fans. “It´s an easy and fun place to talk sports with people you know and many you don´t, united by a common interest in the success of your beloved teams” says Kyle Kuster, the lead developer of Fanland. Discussion of games, players and issues is not only encouraged, but rewarded.

Fanland.com connects sports fans based on the teams they follow and allows users to “tune-in” and “broadcast” to channels dedicated to those teams. Fanland not only shows ongoing discussions and current news related to each team, but it also provides a fan shop consisting of a custom comparison shopping engine catered to each team. Future plans include rolling out a ticket exchange network between fans as well as a Fan Rewards system designed to incent users with apparel and merchandise to be the #1 fan for their respective teams.

The creators of Fanland have focused on the user experience as a key differentiator, leveraging a playfully dubbed “FLUX” (Fanland User Experience) navigation system that allows users to easily interact with a multitude of teams across most major sports leagues. According to Nate Ende, founder of Fanland, “We knew there was a play here to fill a need within a very large demographic, but the key to it succeeding was going to start with the user experience. We created a ℠user experience advisory board´, created from our own personal networks, and literally didn´t stop testing and improving the site until we got the ℠WOW!´ we were looking for.” The site has been in serious development for under a year and it has recently been opened to the public with a major publicity push coming soon, but Ende stated “we have only scratched the surface,” speaking to the potential of Fanland.

Ende points out that the site is 100% responsive, meaning, “we cover every device, mobile through desktop to ensure we support fan conversations all the way from the home through the stadium experience.” He also mentioned tablets as being a large opportunity, stating, “We really saw tablets as a preferred device as they offer the fan the most interaction capability while still allowing for mobility. Whether you´re on the couch on Sundays or laying in bed at night, you can be connected to your teams and other fans seamlessly on Fanland.”

With all of the social media sites already in existence, critics have said that fans can use Facebook and Twitter to talk about sports. Ende says, “We actually ran a number of surveys prior to starting this venture in which we asked sports fans about where they do and do not enjoy conversing about sports on the internet and the results were astounding. Not only did an overwhelming majority not want to talk about sports on Facebook due to a fear of rejection and/or negative feedback from ℠friends´ who were fans of opposing teams, but they also felt that Twitter was too fragmented and didn´t allow for threaded conversation and intuitive public dialogue.”

What is the goal for the site? Ende says, “Our goals are many, but the simplified version is that we want to be the most interactive, fun and topically focused social site on the internet.”

Fanland is comprised of a group of sports fans who also happen to be marketing, user experience and website developer experts by trade. They have combined their expertise and years of experience in putting together Fanland and plan to begin work marketing the new venture over the next several months. The group is geographically dispersed throughout the country working from homes and offices in Rochester, Minnesota all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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