Samsung Releases Galaxy Note II Teaser Video
August 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Teaser Video Emerges On YouTube

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

After doing some serious backpedaling earlier this month, it appears as if Samsung may be ready to finally announce their latest in their Galaxy Note series, this time focusing on the “II” rather than the “10.1,” which is currently available in stores.

A spokesperson for Samsung told Reuters in the first week of August there would be a new Galaxy Note device released during their “Samsung Mobile Unpacked” event, which takes place during the IFA conference in Berlin starting August 29th. Then, only hours later another spokesperson reached out to All Things D, saying they´d be releasing something new during their event, but weren´t yet saying just what that device would be. Samsung wasn´t fooling any of us, of course, and now there´s even a suspicious looking YouTube video which suggests a new, Galaxy Note II phablet in the near future.

Samsung posted the video yesterday, which features plenty of quick cuts and shots of an empty amusement park and famous German director Wim Wenders walking around. The device is, of course, never fully seen, although there is a shot of that famous stylus being drawn from a device much like a sword would be drawn from its sheath. There´s even an accompanying tone as the stylus, or S Pen, is removed from the device. Later, there are some close up shots of the S Pen touching the device, apparently drawing pictures and tapping icons with abandon.

This video seems to push the creative line as Wenders discusses “all of the things you can do in the blink of an eye with such a small and light thing,” then continues to walk around, looking quite perplexed by the world around him.

The existing Samsung Galaxy Note is a beast of a phone, boasting a 5.3-inch screen with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on board. The use of the words “small and light thing” have caused some to wonder if Samsung will take a step back in their size and release a smaller smartphone/tablet solution. For now, it seems Samsung wants their main differentiator between themselves and other “competitors” to be their S Pen stylus. The S Pen was first introduced with the first Galaxy Note and is now available in the Galaxy Note 10.1. The inclusion of this tablet in the Galaxy Note II could solidify this commitment to the stylus, a controversial and derisive decision.

When Samsung first announced they´d be announcing this new device earlier this month, it was noted that their release day would be just before the expected announcement of their competitor´s newest smartphone, the next iPhone. Samsung isn´t the only company to try and beat out Apple by announcing new devices just weeks before. Nokia is also expected to be announcing their latest Lumia smartphone and new Windows Phone 8 software during Nokia World, according to a Bloomberg report. Nokia World is slated to take place September 5th and 6th.

Though they´ve yet to make any sort of announcement, many expect Apple to announce their newest smartphone on September 12th. The next iPhone could then be available 9 days later on September 21st. While the next iPhone will almost certainly not be anywhere close to Samsung´s 5.3-inch behemoth, it is expected to have a slightly larger 4-inch-ish display, as well as 4G LTE connectivity, new dock connector, and, finally, a new form factor.