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TaxConnections.com Gives Consumers Free Access to World’s Top Tax Professionals

August 20, 2012

LA JOLLA, Calif., Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — For three decades, corporations, international law firms and public accounting firms went to Kat Jennings for help in finding the world’s leading tax professionals to represent their organizations and reduce their tax burden. Her services were in high demand by the most successful multinational organizations in the world; however, she wanted consumers to have equal access to this pool of skilled tax professionals who saved her clients millions annually in tax dollars.

Today, Jennings has made her idea a reality. TaxConnections.com (http://www.taxconnections.com) is the only place where tax professionals from corporations, law firms, public accounting firms, government agencies, independent tax consulting firms and academic institutions can connect directly with consumers who need their advice worldwide. More importantly, the site encourages tax professionals from tax organizations to work together to help consumers reduce their tax burden. Membership for consumers is free, and for a limited time, tax professionals can join for free while the site is in Beta launch.

At first glance, TaxConnections.com is an online resource directory of tax professionals around the globe — currently, the site lists tax professionals from nearly 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. However, it is the interactivity that sets TaxConnections.com apart from any other tax-related site.

Every tax professional member on the site has their very own virtual tax office known as a Tax Boardroom. The Tax Boardrooms are private areas where consumers can communicate tax questions one-on-one to tax professionals, arrange a video conference, view the tax professionals private Tax Library or keep track of important notes and tasks with clients. Before entering a Tax Boardroom, however, a consumer must request permission from the tax professional and provide a bit of information about why he or she wants to make the connection. Consumers are then granted access at the tax professionals’ discretion, giving TaxConnections.com members more value than they would ever get from other sites because people come here to talk about taxes.

If search engine data is any indication, consumers are looking for a better way to find a tax professional and get tax help, explained Jennings.

“Each year, search engine users perform over a billion searches containing the word ‘tax’ but this is one area where the search engines have greatly failed the public,” Jennings stated. “Even narrowing down a search on any search engine by searching for ‘tax professional’ or ‘tax consultant’ for a specific location returns little more than clutter. Consumers need answers to their tax questions; consumers need easy access to skilled tax professionals around the world and the search engines can’t deliver. TaxConnections.com delivers results that consumers need worldwide.”

Because TaxConnections.com is built around the idea of providing consumers free, easy access to tax professionals worldwide, it bridges the gap between consumers and leading tax advisors. TaxConnections.com may just prove to be a lifeline to many taxpayers who need real answers to their increasingly complex tax questions. Jennings stated, “This site helps everyone, consumers no longer need to wait for a referral to a tax advisor when they can access one instantly on TaxConnections.com; and tax professionals have an effective platform to market their brand and services.”

About Kathleen ‘Kat’ Jennings, CEO of TaxConnections.com

Kathleen Jennings has more than 30 years of experience consulting to the worldwide tax community. She previously founded a leading consulting firm to multinational organizations where her responsibilities focused on searching for the very best tax professionals around the world. TaxConnections.com was born out of her vision to help consumers worldwide save money with improved access to technically trained tax professionals. She wanted consumers to benefit from the opportunity to interact directly with tax professionals around the world. Learn more at http://www.taxconnections.com.


Kathleen Jennings

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