Apple Vs Samsung: CEOs Take A Meeting
August 20, 2012

Apple Vs Samsung: CEOs Will Meet To Hash It Out

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Though Judge Koh´s San Jose court is not in session today, Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung´s CEO is planning to talk with Apple´s CEO to discuss their legal matters.

The two will reportedly discuss a way to resolve their smartphone differences rather than leave it up to the jury. Last week, Judge Koh once more pleaded with the two sparring companies to settle these arguments between them, saying any resolution they reach on their own will be better than the resolution made by the jury.

Once Samsung´s Kwon Oh Hyun and Apple´s Tim Cook wrap up their telephone conversation, the lawyers for each side are expected to report the results of this talk to Judge Koh´s court, according to Sources Familiar With the Matter.

After urging the two CEOs to talk once more, Koh said she was “pathologically optimistic” the two executives could reach a settlement over their patent disputes. On Judge Koh´s behest Apple´s Cook and Samsung´s then CEO Choi Gee-sung tried to come to terms in May before the trial began, but were unable to reach any sort of settlement. Judge Koh has even asked the legal teams to slim down their charges and claims against one another, but announced on Friday they were unable to do so. Currently, the two legal teams are busy filing motions concerning instructions for the jury and which exhibits they´d like to have considered.

Samsung´s newest CEO, Kwon Oh Hyun, was expected to be more “Apple-friendly” when he took the position in June, one month after the talks between Cook and then CEO Gee-sung.

According to AppleInsider, some industry analysts suspected the announcement of Oh Hyun as CEO was an attempt to keep Apple as a customer of their Flash memory and mobile processors.

Now, as these talks take place, the jury awaits instructions as to what they can and can´t consider ahead of their verdict in the patent suit. These two warring companies are playing a high-stakes game of patent litigation, a game in which neither company could emerge the victor. Samsung, for instance, is seeking $399 million from Apple in royalties concerning patent infringements. Apple, on the other hand, is going after more money, claiming Samsung owes the Cupertino company anywhere from $2.5 billion to $2.75 billion in potential damages. Should the talks go smoothly and the legal teams wrap up their filings, deliberations are slated to begin tomorrow.

Neither company has agreed to comment on Bloomberg´s report of the two CEOs having a chat today.

This court case has seen its share of ups and downs, complete with plenty of revelations about the way Apple creates their phones and how many of which phones Samsung has sold since 2010.

The most recent court room theatrics came when Apple attempted to hand Judge Koh a 75-page document complete with 22 witnesses they had considered calling in the final hours of testimony.

When she received this document, Judge Koh let out a frustrated, “Unless you´re smoking crack you know these witnesses aren´t going to be called!”

Koh followed with, “We´re wasting the jury´s time. You are being unreasonable.”

This case should hopefully be wrapping up this week.