Data Center In A Box
August 21, 2012

Data Center Gets Pared Down With OmniCube and Complete Cluster

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

Managing server data can be not just a network intensive process, but one that stacks up the hardware as well.

SimpliVity is one of a growing group of companies that thinks one device may be the right solution for some. It recently unveiled the OmniCube, a high-powered server that for many companies could eliminate the need for multiple pieces of hardware.

“At the root of OmniCube is the underlying technology–called OmniStack--designed for today´s virtualized, cloud-enabled world.  OmniStack is an innovative combination of advanced software and intelligent hardware that creates an entirely new data architecture.  Fundamental to this architecture is the management of very fine grain data elements of only a few KB.  This is accomplished through real-time deduplication and compression that occurs as the data is created or ingested by the system.,” says literature from the OmniCube web site.

The OmniCube is a powerful device, with 20 to 40 TB of capacity. It also has 10 CPU cores. If that isn´t strong enough, up to three OmniCubes can be daisy chained together.

The device and accompanying server then can be managed by just one or a few individuals, according to the company, reducing the need for more personnel to manage a company´s infrastructure.

Nutanix is also out with the Complete Cluster, which is a scaled down, virtualized server that includes a solid state drive and additional storage. Like the OmniBox, it can be controlled from a single view.

"Nutanix is one of the rare early technologies that we've decided to carry within the virtualization practice we´ve built around VMware. Our resellers and end-users are big on time-to-value, speed-to-market, form factor, and capex, and Nutanix provides a unique offering that will satisfy our ecosystem´s requirements,” said Will Jones, Vice President of VMware Solutions at Carahsoft. “Its early traction in the public sector is phenomenal, and we look forward to working with the Nutanix team and our reseller partners to expand awareness and drive even more demand for this innovative solution.”