Android App To Control Panasonic Devices
August 22, 2012

NFC Technology, Android App Will Allow Control Over Japanese Panasonic Appliances

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

Japanese Android device owners will soon be able to do another trick with their smartphones: control their appliances.

Panasonic has announced that it will create an Android app for remotely controlling appliances, changing settings, and viewing energy savings for many of its newest appliance products.

The apps are scheduled to work with Panasonic's X Series room air conditioners, drum-type washer-dryers, and a new refrigerator. Consumers will be able to perform a number of functions without needing to walk up to the device and use controls.

It won´t be only Android owners getting the love. Some new air conditioners can also be controlled with a forthcoming iPhone app as well.

However, the move by Panasonic points to one temporary advantage of Android phones - the inclusion of NFC chips (Near Field Communications). This allows a phone to communicate with other devices that include the same technology. In the U.S. this is most commonly used with mobile payment apps, like Google Wallet.

According to a statement on its web site, Panasonic promises other potential uses.

“Panasonic's smart solutions are designed to make the user's everyday life more comfortable, convenient and energy efficient. Via the Panasonic Smart App, for example, users can control their air conditioners remotely from outside the home*3, check if the refrigerator is running efficiently, or set their preferred washing cycle using their smartphone. The new app also allows owners of the Panasonic healthcare products to create graphs tracking their weight and calories consumed by everyday activities among other things, making it easier to manage daily healthcare data,” the statement said.

The free app will be available by the end of September for users in Japan. There was no indication when the app would be made available in the United States or other countries.