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Caspian Learning Sets New Paradigm with Mobile Virtual Task Simulations

August 23, 2012

LONDON, August 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –


A new suite of prototype Virtual Task Simulations (VTS), specifically designed to
maximise the benefits afforded by mobile devices, has been unveiled today by immersive
simulation & training specialists, Caspian Learning.

Caspian Learning, in collaboration with LINE Communications, has today announced the
development of a series of defence-focussed Virtual Task Training Applications.

The new series of VTS will be designed specifically to take advantage of the benefits
offered by mobile devices; including ubiquitous distribution, high fidelity
specifications, lightweight portability and almost infinite scalability.

The first series of VTS by Caspian Learning will be weapons-centric, swiftly followed
by a Vehicle Recognition Training series and an Equipment & Maintenance series.

Mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Android-based devices will be able to
download the new VTS by ordering securely from globally accessible private libraries or,
where necessary, be able to buy devices pre-loaded with VTS.

In addition to globally available downloads allowing for immediate, as required
procurement, the VTS will also have additional benefits:

        1) The VTS will be developed using VBSWorlds, the rapid authoring software
          jointly developed with Bohemia Interactive Simulations.
        2) Via VBSWorlds, customers will have the opportunity to carry out their own
          cost effective post-purchase editing.

The aim is to prolong the life of the VTS for the customer and maximise the return on
training investment. By offering customers the opportunity to ‘add-on’ or ‘edit’ the
product post-purchase, the company are confident a new paradigm for VTS can be set.

Current prototypes of some of the VTS are available for early-stage viewing now and
will also be available as demos at the upcoming MSPO Defense Industry Exhibition in
Kielce, Poland 3rd – 6th September at stand 37, Hall D.

For more information about the potential of VTS or to take part in a free, online
technical webinar for the product on Wednesday August 29th, please register here
[http://www.vbsworlds.com/?p=1274 ].

About Caspian Learning

Caspian Learning are a multi award-winning serious games technology and design company
[http://www.caspianlearning.co.uk ].

Formed in 2002, they are the developer of the acclaimed Thinking Worlds, whose
globally unique technology allows instructional designers to create fully immersive 3D
sims & games at costs previously restricted to 2D development.

They are the global leader in the use of 3D games and simulations technology
[http://www.thinkingworlds.com ] for performance improvement, having developed over 100
sims or games for clients all over the world including IBM, BBC, Accenture to name a few
as well as defence organisations across the world.


+44(0)191-5561043 (UK), lee.rushworth@caspianlearning.co.uk

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