Apple Rumors: Is LG Making The Next iPhone Screen?
August 23, 2012

LG Says They Are Making In-cell Screens, Most Likely For The Next iPhone

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

We've already received several “confirmations” of rumored new features in the next iPhone. For instance, it´s now taken as fact that the next Apple smartphone will boast a close-to-4-inch display (3.999, to be exact) and introduce a brand new, 9 pin (or 18 pins, if you count both sides) dock connector.

That leaves a few other rumors left to be confirmed either by Apple on stage or Apple through controlled press leaks, you know, if they´re doing that sort of thing.

These rumors are:

In-Cell technology, NFC capability and 4G LTE connectivity. Each of these features are widely expected, but we´ve yet to see the kind of Wall Street Journal or New York Times confirmation on them like we have other aspects of this unreleased phone.

Now, we have something which resembles confirmation on In-Cell Technology.

Yesterday, both Reuters and the Wall Street Journal reported that one particularly gossipy CEO has announced that not only has his company been able to produce these new displays, they´re also confident they´ll be able to ship them without any problems at all.

Han Sang-beom, LG´s CEO told reporters yesterday that his company began mass producing these new in-cell screens earlier this month and has finally worked out all the kinks in the production.

"We had some hard times (in developing the new in-cell technology) at first...but it seems those hard times have finally ended," said Sang-beom.

"The in-cell technology is the industry's latest development. (But) we will be able to supply the panels without any fail.”

According to the Reuters report, Mr. Han´s comments had been under an embargo until early Thursday morning.

While LG´s CEO is rightfully bragging about their ability to produce and ship these new screens to Apple for their next best-selling iPhone, LG isn´t the only company responsible for producing these screens. Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc – a conglomeration of 3 other Japanese display makers – are also expected to be providing these new, advanced screens for Apple´s next iPhone.

Earlier this month, Sharp´s new president, Takashi Okuda announced in a press event that his company has also been making these screens, and began shipping them, presumably to Apple, this month.

This new in-cell technology is said to be the next big thing for display makers, building the touch panel right into the top pane of glass. With this new technology, you´ll actually be touching the icons on the screen, rather than touching a thin piece of glass directly above the icons.

Apple´s Retina Display technology made great strides in diminishing this “touching over the element” feel from earlier phones. Now, the Retina Display combined with the in-cell technology could not only deliver a slimmer phone, but an even more vibrant and stunning display.

Apple is expected to announce their newest smartphone in just a few weeks, on September 12. According to the most recent rumors, this new iPhone will be available for pre-order on the same day as the announcement and will be shipped on September 21st.