Mysterious Amazon Press Event Slated For September 6
August 23, 2012

Amazon Sends Out Invites To A Mysterious September 6 Press Event

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

This is very interesting. Amazon has just sent out press event invites to the usual suspects.

According to All Things D, the world´s largest online retailer plans to hold a press event on September 6th in Santa Monica, California. The press event invite is devoid of any solid details about what they may want to talk about or what they´ll be unveiling. The full text of the invite is as follows:

“Please Join Us for an Amazon Press Conference.”

Interesting, no?

There are a few things to instantly come to mind. First, September 6th is a very interesting and very strategic date in which to hold such a press event.

After all, the world is expected to be watching another tech giant on September 12th, just a few days after. Though they´ve yet to make any official announcements, Apple is almost certain to hold their own press event on the 12th, wherein they´ll more than likely introduce at the least a new iPhone. At most, they could announce a newer, smaller iPad and possibly an entire lineup of new iPods which feature that hotly rumored new 9-pin dock connector. Or was that 8 pins?

Last month, rumors began to circulate about a possible new Amazon Kindle Fire offering. According to these rumors, Amazon was primed and ready to release a full 10-inch version of their holiday-hit 7-inch Fire tablet.

Reuters reported this rumor in July, quoting the president of Staples as saying Amazon planned to release “multiple” mobile devices before the month was through.

Demos Parneros told Reuters Amazon had introduced “5 or 6” SKUs into the system, which many took to mean Amazon could release this new, 10-inch tablet and maybe even their own smartphone. SKUs are tricky, however, as multiple SKUs could simply mean different variants of the same thing. For instance, an 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB tablet have their own, unique SKU numbers. Therefore 5 or 6 SKUs could likely mean a new tablet with several sizes and maybe even different colors.

No matter what Amazon plans to announce, new hardware or no, there is no doubting that Apple will factor into this announcement.

Amazon isn´t the only company to try and squeeze in their event before Apple´s expected announcement of their most anticipated iPhone to date.

Nokia is also expected to try and beat out Apple by announcing their new Lumia and Windows phone options on September 2, 10 days before Apple´s day in the spotlight.

Though Nokia´s announcement will no doubt be smartphone related, Amazon´s announcement will more than likely introduce new tablet options.

Amazon´s Kindle Fire, in addition to Google´s Nexus 7 were often used as reasons why Apple should release a 7-inch tablet of their own. It could be interesting, then, if Amazon decides to boost their tablet offerings with a 10-inch tablet while Apple plans to expand their offerings by shooting for a smaller tablet.

Of course, this is all speculation. For all we know, Amazon could just announce new Kindle´s or even finally introduce their Same-Day delivery option. We only have until September 6 to truly find out.