Facebook Updates iOS App
August 23, 2012

Facebook And Apple iOS Finally Get Along, So Far

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

The New York Times ran a story this June about a possible and much needed speed increase to Facebook's iOS app.

Anyone who has used their app knows that, while it´s useful enough, it´s never been known for its speed.

According to the engineers who spoke with the New York Times, the Facebook iOS app ran slow because it is largely web-based, and doesn´t rely on the iPhone´s speedy hardware to drive the thing. The plan was to reconfigure the app to take advantage of the iPhone´s hardware and create a zippy little interface to the world´s most popular social networking site.

Today, Facebook finally announced their newer, quicker iOS app to much joy and celebration from those who have spent what feels like hours waiting for their News Feeds to be delivered.

“Today we're announcing an update to the Facebook app for iPhone and iPad that makes keeping up with friends faster and easier. Facebook 5.0 for iOS is twice as fast as the previous version when launching the app, scrolling through news feed and opening photos in feed,” writes Mick Johnson in the Facebook blog.

The new Facebook 5.0 for iOS is said to launch much more quickly and deliver your News Feed and notifications with lighting fast speed. In addition, stories should appear faster, scrolling should be smoother and photos should load almost instantly.

As a nice little tribute to his bride, the Facebook blog even shows a picture of the new Mrs. Zuck cradling the family pooch to show off how easy it is to post a new picture. How very special.

In real world experience, the Facebook app is scary fast. It is possible, however, that the new Facebook app only feels this fast because it´s felt so slow for years. No matter, it finally feels faster, and it´s a change many of us have been clamoring for years.

To test the app, I first launched the app from my phone, simple enough. Before I had time to take a sip from my refreshing summertime beverage, the app was loaded and my News Feed was there waiting for me. I wanted to comment on just how fast the app had loaded and how quickly my content was presented for me. So tapping on the “Write Post” button, I quickly exclaimed how surprised I was by the new app. within seconds, my thoughts were posted to my friends´ timelines (those that haven´t blocked me, of course) and I was ready to take on another task. I then snapped a picture of my MacBook Pro and my delicious beverage to share with the world. The camera opened quickly, and just like that, my friends could see the picture I had just shared. Leaving comments, liking posts, and perusing pictures was as fast as you´ve ever wanted it to be. While a little more real world experience might bring other issues to light, so far this app is a huge win for Facebook.

Not everyone shares in the excitement, however. Take for instance the headline over at FastCompany.com which reads, “Facebook Takes Too Long To Make Its iPhone App Run Twice As Fast.”

In this article, Christina Chaey also praises the app for being most expedient and quick to load, but also mentions that perhaps it was so important for Zuck and crew to get this app to the public so they could more quickly deliver ads to the hordes of Facebookers.

Either way, for now, this is a welcome change from the Menlo Park company.