Hype-Machine In Overdrive As Apple Readies Next Products
August 24, 2012

Hype-Machine In Overdrive As Apple Readies Next Products

John Neumann for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Sleeping bag? Check. Lawn chair? Yup. Bags of chips and extra-large soda? Got ℠em.

Along with my inhaler to keep me from hyperventilating, it looks like I´m ready to camp out in front of an Apple store as the world´s most valuable company, with its oceans of cash, readies for a new influx of money to thunder into its bulging vaults after it rolls out its next must-have products next month.

September 12 is the date Apple has penciled in to announce something. We do know that a major update to the newest mobile software, iOS 6, is coming, but that can be downloaded over Wi-Fi, so I don´t need to be sleeping outside the mall for that.

Apple´s best-thing-ever iPhone 4S is almost 1 year old, so expect the debut of a totally freaky-fresh iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5. If earlier pundits and tech bloggers are to be believed, it may come with some sort of curved glass, because Apple has partnered with a company that specializes in such manufacturing.

It may also be made of a Terminator-style morphing metal, because Apple has invested heavily into Liquidmetal Technologies, a company doing magical things with solids.

An unconfirmed wild guess has the next iPhone shaped like a croissant because CEO Tim Cook was seen eating one recently. Hey, at this point, any rumor is fair game right?

We are also setting up tents in waiting for a brand-new tablet the iPad Mini, or Nano-Pad, or iPad Touch. Well, no one outside of Apple´s secret labs are spilling beans, officially anyway, on specs, or even a name, so we yearning masses on the outside must resort to making stuff up while our lives are on hold.

It´s pretty safe to assume Apple plans to unveil all of its latest hardware and software innovations at the Sept. 12 media event -- the date first reported by iMore´s editor-in-chief Rene Ritchie. That date has also been mentioned by the Verge, Reuters, Bloomberg, the New York Times, The Loop and CNN, reports Dave Smith for International Business Times.

Who needs a marketing department when you have the world´s media doing the legwork for you? And with all of the physical products parachuting from the heavens with a shiny Apple logo on them at once, how will we survive such wonders?

Daring Fireball´s John Gruber suggests that Apple isn´t likely to want to have these new devices competing for attention in the mainstream media,writing instead, “I´m thinking it makes more sense for Apple to hold two events.”

Hoo-boy! I better tell my boss I´m taking an extra weekend off this year.

The first event would focus on the iPhone, Gruber said, as well as the newly minted iOS 6, writes Bryan Chaffin for Mac Observer. After all, this product is the most sought-after, and it´s the one everyone´s been waiting for. The specific release date for the iPhone -- nine days after its unveiling, on Sept. 21 -- has been reported by iMore.

A smaller iPad will be deserving of its own attention too, but it if there´s anything that´s going to cast any kind of shadow over a new iPad, it´s a new iPhone.

Early reports seem to agree with this theory. On Tuesday, DigiTimes reported that the iPad Mini production will ramp up in September, and a reported four million units are said to be ready by the end of that month, reports Chris Burns for SlashGear.

In other words, we´ll likely see the new iPad on stage on Sept. 12, but we won´t see it on store shelves until production is sufficient.

“Rumors are circulating in the IT market that Apple will launch its 7.85-inch iPad in October with a thinner screen frame to allow the device to feature a bigger display area than other competing products and will also feature a resolution similar to that of iPad 2,” reported Digitimes´ Max Wang, citing sources from the Apple´s “upstream supply chain.”

So I am double-checking my geek bag of camping gear and getting ready to do some serious waiting. If you need me, I´ll be leaching free Wi-Fi from in front of the nearest Apple Store with my fellow Apple-heads!.