Facebook Forces Employees To Use Android Phones
August 24, 2012

Facebook Forces Employees To Use Android Phones

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

According to recent reports, Facebook forced its employees to use Android smartphones in order to improve its smartphone app.

According to a Business Insider report, Facebook ordered employees to leave their iPhones behind, and instead use an Android smartphone to try and improve that application available on the Google operating system.

The Los Angeles Times corroborated the report after Facebook sent confirmation to the news agency on Friday, saying that an important part of how it does things involves employees putting products and features through vigorous testing before launch.

"In order to test our mobile products employees need access to specific devices to test on different platforms (iOS, Android)," a spokesman for Facebook told the Los Angeles Times. "This is obviously different from testing on the Web (where it doesn't matter what kind computer you have)."

Facebook told the Business Insider that it admits its Android app is subpar, and the only way for employees to take fixing it seriously would be for them to have to deal with the same issues daily.

"It's a practice called 'dogfooding,' from the phrase 'eating your own dog food,' which is pretty common at tech companies," Owen Thomas wrote for the Business Insider.

Although its employees are donning Androids to better their work habits, it doesn't mean iPhone users are left in the dark by Facebook.

The social network unleashed a major update to its iPhone applications yesterday, adding both improved speed of up to twice as fast as before, and easier access to uploading photos.