Cloud Monitoring By Rackspace Offers Flexible Solutions For Business
August 24, 2012

Cloud Monitoring By Rackspace Offers Flexible Solutions For Business

Enid Burns for — Your Universe Online

Hosting service Rackspace came out with a new offering this week. Rackspace Cloud Monitoring, a flexible, scalable solution that helps IT managers and businesses monitor the health of their online footprint. The service offers monitoring and notification for issues that pop up with websites, ports and protocols.

While Rackspace offers hosting to its clients, the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring service will work with content, websites, intranets and other online properties whether it's hosted on-premise or off-premise. The service works with any cloud provider.

"Rackspace Cloud Monitoring is an exciting addition to our product portfolio because it proactively and seamlessly helps customers gain insight into their infrastructure," said John Engates, CTO of Rackspace, in a corporate statement. "In addition, this technology strengthens our support of open cloud solutions, as it allows customers to not only monitor their rackspace infrastructure, but other vendors or in-house applications. In today's IT world, many customers use multiple vendors or house some applications in-house, so this product provides one easy solution to monitor all IT infrastructure from a single interface, regardless of vendor or location."

Customers implementing Rackspace Cloud Monitoring will get several services such as customized alerts, monitoring of any infrastructure anywhere, global and regional granularity, auto scaling and time savings. Customized alerts are notifications and warnings that pop up to advise someone that a problem has been found. Rackspace offers customized alerts through a control panel, but also offers an API that can be set up for custom integrations. Alerts warn of problems with websites, URLs, ports and protocols.

Users can monitor infrastructure from anywhere. Companies can set up the monitoring system across diverse infrastructure including servers hosted on site, and those hosted by cloud services or other providers. Global and regional granularity helps companies manage their IT infrastructure, even when they're spread out. Managers can set up parameters to manage the monitoring service by region, or set other parameters. Parameters are also managed by auto scaling, which helps the monitoring service adapt as companies grow their infrastructure, or make changes to their services.

RackSpace Cloud Monitoring offers agent-based monitoring. The service tracks and reports on various items from standard components such as CPU and disc memory to custom application parameters. It also supplies service metrics. Customers get summaries that help understand the root cause of problems. Data aggregation allows customers to look at data in multiple ways including data sets and individual entities.

Rackspace says that because the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring service is cloud based, there's no installation, no upgrades and no maintenance.

The Cloud Monitoring Solution is based on technology from Cloudkick, a company Rackspace acquired in 2010. The team from Cloudkick has been busy getting the cloud monitoring service ready.

"Ultimately, we sought out to make something that would make developers lives easier while allowing the rest of the business to feel confident," said Dan DiSpaltro, director of product at Rackspace and founder of Cloudkick. "Cloudkick was one of the first tools to make the transition to the cloud paradigm easier to understand and now we have fine tuned it into what Rackspace Cloud Monitoring is today, a reliable and scalable monitoring service."