August 24, 2012

Apple Wins War Against Samsung In Court

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in a battle, but after numerous headlines and court dates, the jury has decided to rule in favor of the iPhone maker.

A nine-person jury reached a unanimous verdict in a multi-billion dollar trial that Samsung had willfully infringed on both Apple patents and trade dress for the iPhone.

According to the verdict, Samsung will now be dishing out a cool $1.05 billion to Apple for essentially ripping off the poplar iPhone design.

The jury filled out a 20-page form with more than 700 questions across 33 groups, and were required to come to a unanimous decision on each question.

While the group of U.S. peers ruled that all of Apple's patents are valid, it also did not award Samsung any damages.

The two companies have been in a patent war for months now, with each side claiming its own right and trying to stake a bigger claim in the smartphone industry.

Apple and Samsung are the largest smartphone companies in the world, and the winner of this battle not only sets the precedent for other patent fights going on internationally between the companies, but also a once-and-for-all claim of who ripped off who.

Samsung claimed it did not steal ideas from Apple, and that it had already had touchscreen devices in development before Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007.

The South Korean company also accused the Cupertino California company of infringing on its patents. However, the jury did not seem to agree with Samsung's claims.

In all, Apple and Samsung have brought more than 50 lawsuits against each other in 10 countries. This particular lawsuit was originally filed in April 2011.

During the trial, both parties had plenty of evidence, including an internal Samsung memo that claimed the company needed to change its Galaxy line of smartphones to compete with the iPhone.

The jury found that Samsung infringed on Apple's "pinch and zoom" patent and on its "double-tap to zoom" patent. They also found that Samsung infringed on the look of the iPhone's home screen, the look on the back of the phone, and the look on the front of the phone.

Samsung didn't lose all arguments though, because the jury did not decide Samsung ripped off Apple's iPad appearance.

Samsung will now be paying the massive amount of cash to Apple, and the verdict could ultimately change the future of how the company's devices look.