Google Wants You To Feel More Than Just Lucky
August 27, 2012

Google Wants You To Feel More Than Just Lucky

John Neumann for - Your Universe Online

Feeling lucky? How about hungry? Doodley? Don´t worry, if you don´t know how you feel, Google will help you figure it out. The search giant has, after many years, revised its curious “I´m Feeling Lucky” search option with a list of suggestions for the adventurous.

The first example they give on the update is an “I´m Feeling Hungry” button which takes you to restaurants near your location. Say what?

Clicking on “I´m Feeling Stellar” opens up an image search result for the term “nebulae,” which displays ℠stellar´ images of celestial object from the Hubble telescope archives, reports Francis Bea for Digital Trends.

“I´m Feeling Trendy” will open up a page for Hot Searches, listing the most searched queries by the day. The new options are fun to sample and designed to test your luck.

Google´s “Lucky” button brought the user to a single page based on your search term, now though, the Google search system has been updated to a point where that functionality simply no longer exists, reports Chris Burns for SlashGear.

When you begin typing a search term into the search bar on the Google's homepage, you immediately begin to see results on a whole new search page. Because of this, there´s no place for the “Lucky” button to live.

Now this may seem like a benevolent feel-good project to make us feel more comfortable using the internet, but of course, its about the bottom line, specifically Google´s. All options for feelings cleverly showcase a Google product and repurpose it to prevent attrition in the consumer´s mind.

Since there isn´t a publicly available hub or page where all of Google´s lesser known one-off projects are listed, by including the feature on the front page of the search engine, many of Google´s easter eggs or product launches that have made a fleeting splash in the press are included.

Check out the full list of “feelings” and see for yourself if any of them feel useful to you.

I´m Feeling Artistic — Google Art Project

I´m Feeling Trendy — Google Trends´ Hot Trends

I´m Feeling Wonderful — Google´s World Wonders Project

I´m Feeling Stellar — Google Images

I´m Feeling Doodley — Google Doodles

I´m Feeling Playful — Google Doodle of PAC-MAN game

I´m Feeling Puzzled — a Google a day

I´m Feeling Hungry — restaurant listings

The new feelings may not take you to your desired search, but it can be a fun way to find new content that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.