iPad Mini Name Confirmed?
August 28, 2012

An iPad Mini By Any Other Name

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Ever since the rumors for Apple´s newest iPad began to circulate, it´s been referred to by one name. Either for simplicity´s sake or just taking a stab in the dark – and taking cues from the iPod days of yore – this new rumored tablet has been widely called the iPad Mini.

Last week, loved and loathed Apple pundit John Gruber once again pondered the possibility of Apple holding 2 separate events in the coming months: One on September 12th for the next iPhone and one later on in October for this rumored smaller iPad.

On Monday, Macotakara, often the source of Apple rumors, has said Apple will, in fact, name this new near-8-inch iPad the “iPad Mini.”

Citing Asian sources, the new, smaller iPad will also bear the “iPad” name on the back of the device, similar to the way the iPod and iPod Nano are displayed on the back of these respective devices.

Macotakara also goes on to claim that the new iPad Mini will be outfitted with the new, rumored mini-dock connector, 9-pins large according to the most recent rumors. Furthermore, the site also claims Apple plans to release updated versions of their iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

The next iPod Touch is said to be getting the same 4-ish-inch treatment as the next iPhone. Macotakara also says the new iPod Nano could be shipped with the addition of a Wi-Fi antenna, supposedly to take advantage of iTunes Match.

According to these rumors, the small iPod could be capable of downloading purchased albums wirelessly through iTunes Match, freeing up iPod Nano users from having to sync their devices to their Macs. Such a move would further stake iOS devices and other Apple portables as “Post-PC” devices, capable of operating on their own.

Though Apple has said the iPod Nano does not run a proper version of iOS, it is very similar to iOS and has even been hacked–with great difficulty– to remove the icons and add functionality.

Lastly, Macotakara mentions the latest rumors about the addition of NFC in the latest version of the iPhone. According to the Japanese site, if there is a hole left for NFC in the iPhone, the newest iPod Touch could also receive the same treatment, making it an even more powerful device capable of mobile payments as well as data transfer and even native remote control functionality for the Apple TV.

There remains the mystery of the hole left on the back of the supposed next iPod Touch case. While many sources have noted this hole on the back of Apple´s most advanced music player, there have been few suggestions as to how this hole could be used or what will be placed inside. Macotakara continues to question what this hole could be, saying NFC would be placed next to the iSight camera, just as in the next iPhone.

For months, the quotation marks have been very busy as tech pundits and other journalists have been referring to the smaller iPad as the “iPad Mini” and the next iPhone as the “iPhone 5.”

While this rumor seems to suggest that the iPad Mini name is a lock, many will no doubt continue to wonder if the next iPhone will in fact be referred to as the “iPhone 5,” or if it will follow the larger iPad naming convention and be named, simply, the iPhone.

Personally, I think it makes sense to call the smaller iPad the “Mini,” especially if Apple has decided to make the iPad the next iPod.

On the other hand, I much prefer Gruber´s suggestion of calling the new device the “iPad Air.”

Either way, we should have an answer soon.