Software Is The Future For VMware
August 28, 2012

VMware’s Future Is All About Software

Enid Burns for — Your Universe Online

Virtualization company VMware sees a future where services will outpace virtual machines in datacenters. That's the emphasis at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco this week, ZDNet reports.

At the conference, VMware executives discussed modern software-defined datacenters, which provide systems as a service, rather than act as virtual machines.

"The software-defined datacenter is about“¦ virtualizing all the different components you have in the datacenter," VMware's CTO, Steven Herrod, was quoted as saying in his keynote on ZDNet.

The datacenter will run all actions as a service that can be managed by the same software platform. These actions include computing, storage and networking. "This is a top down model of datacenter administration, where the IT manager does not need to worry about a facility's underlying hardware, but instead focuses on the technologies they are delivering to end users," the ZDNet article says.

VMware has a stake in datacenters performing functions as a service. The company builds virtualization software and a move toward such datacenters will be heavily reliant on the company's products. The alternative, virtual machines, would have datacenters set up with virtual systems that emulate a server or computer to serve each individual client. A virtual machine is an isolated guest operating system installed within a host operating system. Virtual machines are implemented either with software emulation or hardware virtualization, which perform tasks parallel to what a hardware system is capable of completing.

Several acquisitions have helped VMware move in the direction of setting up datacenters with services and virtualization. Acquisitions include network virtualization company Nicira and cloud manager DynamicOps. VMware also acquired software advancements from vSphere and vCloud Director, which help VMware achieve its goals.

At the conference, VMware introduced new features that let administrators migrate virtual machines without shared storage. New features also add replication capabilities to the technology. Additional features that enhance networking include updates to VMware vSphere 5.1 Distributed Switch, which increases the number of hosts the network can support and adds management capabilities.

VMware announced a strategic partnership with T-Systems, a company that supplies global infrastructure for data centers. The deal offers cost reduction and business agility of standardized services. Customers can use the resources of T-Systems and VMware to increase IT capacities in T-Systems' high-security data centers. The service offers flexible resources for dynamic markets. The offering reaches the markets of 18 countries, and is compliant with German legislation on data privacy.

Services allow for easy access to the cloud. "Put simply, enterprises will be able to move the contents of their servers to the T-Systems cloud at the push of a button," said Jurgen Urbanski, Cloud expert at T-Systems and a member of Deutsche Telecom's Cloud Leadership Team. "Internally, we have been using proven VMware technologies for many years. Therefore we are delighted to announce that we'll be able to deliver VMware vCloud Datacenter Services from fall on. This will help ensure that our joint customers can move seamlessly between on-premise and cloud deployments, with the high standards of security and compliance expected by customers."