August 28, 2012

Android And iOS Adoption Fastest In China

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

The world is in the middle of a heated love affair with smartphones. After all, what´s not to love? These devices, which could more accurately be defined as mini-computers, are always nearby, ready to do our bidding. They keep us in touch with friends, family and the daily news, they entertain us with games, music and video, and they can even help us perform our best at our jobs, all while boosting our productivity.

So, while the world may be in that, “committed love” phase, China is in the white hot “honeymoon love” phase, adopting as many smartphones as they can to feed their insatiable desire for these devices. According to a new report from Flurry Analytics today, While the U.S. may still have the largest number of active Android and iOS users, 165 million to be exact, China is on the fast track to beat us.

As it stands, China is already batting second behind the U.S. in terms of active Android and iOS devices with 128 million. The UK comes in at a distant third with 31 million Apple and Google users.

Though China is currently second, they look to be hot on our heels. According to the Flurry stats, not only did China become the largest smartphone market last year, they´re also the fastest growing Android and iOS market. In fact, China´s smart device market has grown over 400% year-over-year, beating out other quick adopters Brazil and Russia, whose markets grew by 220% and 189%, respectively. In terms of quick adoptions, Chile, a dark horse in this race, came in just behind China, as 279% more smart devices were adopted year-over-year.

While this Flurry report gives some interesting insight into the global scale of these smartphones, they haven´t listed which platform is selling more units. Flurry Analytics provides mobile developers with analytics tools (of course) which can provide information on user demographics, user interaction, user interest and user location.

As such, Flurry used their own data to determine these results. While there´s no strong reason to believe these numbers are completely off base, they aren´t the result of thorough and exhaustive research.

Apple has long seen China as a place of untapped growth, and have been making a push there in recent years. Their iPhone, for example, was widely sought after and even widely mimicked in the early days before it became available in the East. Apple finally showed some love in 2009, bringing the iPhone 3GS to China.

In a contradictory story today, iHS iSuppli has also revealed some of their own numbers, suggesting the iPhone isn´t selling as well as others in China. According to their report. Apple was only able to take a 7.5% market share in China, a number usually associated with “RIM and other´s” market share in the states.

While their Chinese marketshare may be less than desirable, it´s likely many would-be Chinese iPhone buyers are simply waiting for the next iteration to be revealed in just a few weeks. Early rumors for the new iPhone held that Apple could reach an agreement with the world´s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile.

With over 687 million subscribers, China Mobile could very well help boost Apple´s sales in the East, and, with a sagging line of product offerings, the iPhone could help China Mobile keep their subscribers from fleeing to other carriers.

These questions and more will no doubt be answered in a few weeks, when Apple is expected to take the stage and reveal the next iPhone on September 12.