Apple's Bob Mansfield Not Retiring After All
August 29, 2012

Bob Mansfield Won’t Retire, Will Get Promotion Instead

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Apple´s long-time head of hardware engineering, Bob Mansfield, announced his retirement from the Mac maker in the last days of June, a somewhat shocking announcement from an executive who mostly worked behind the scenes without much public attention. That´s not to say he didn´t stand out, of course. In any stereotypical Apple video about a new product, be it a new Mac or a new iPad, Bob Mansfield was always the blue collar, midwestern, salt-of-the-Earth kind of guy who talked about the engineering behind said new product, balancing out the sometimes artsy, flowery language of a Jony Ive or a Scott Forstall.

A few weeks later, it appeared as if Bob´s last task at Cupertino was publicly apologizing for deciding to back away from the EPEAT rating standards, a move which provoked the ire of many educational and government organizations.

Perhaps Tim Cook is just as good a salesman as Steve Jobs ever was. Perhaps Bob realized he isn´t yet cut out for retirement. For whatever reason, Apple announced some lineup changes to their executive team, and among these changes is a nice little promotion for Bob, who has decided not to retire from Apple just yet.

At the end of the day on Monday, Apple issued a press release detailing these changes, saying that Bob will now report directly to CEO Tim Cook as he works on quote “future products.”

Bob´s official title has yet to be announced, but reporting directly to the CEO of the most valuable company in the world should be enough to make his mother proud.

Elsewhere in the lineup shift, Craig Federighi, another long time Apple employee who worked with Jobs back in the NeXT days, and until recently was head of Mac Software development, will now take the position as senior vice president of Apple. Most recently, Federighi oversaw the release of Apple´s newest Mac OS, OS X Mountain Lion. And what of Dan Riccio?

When Mansfield announced his retirement in June, he named Riccio has his successor. Now, in a nice, tidy move, Riccio will join Federighi as a senior vice president, joining Bob at the Sacred Right Hand of Father Tim.

Riccio originally joined the team in 1998 as vice president of Product Design. In 2010, he was named as the president of iPad hardware engineering and has played a large role in the iPad´s monumental success, according to Riccio´s bio.

Part of the official Apple announcement reads:

“Apple today announced that Craig Federighi, Apple´s vice president of Mac Software Engineering, and Dan Riccio, Apple´s vice president of Hardware Engineering, have been promoted to senior vice presidents. Federighi and Riccio will report to Apple CEO Tim Cook and serve on Apple´s executive management team.”

There´s also no word as to what will become of the now vacant head of Hardware Engineering title, though the company could have simply done away with the position altogether as a part of this readjustment.

Either way, this announcement can be seen as good news as these important, head executives are moving up within the company and opting to stay for a little while longer. After all, Apple could have a very busy rest of the year waiting for them, what with new iPads and iPhones rumored to be on the way.