Stream Shows To Your iPad With TiVo Stream
August 30, 2012

TiVo Stream Brings Recorded Shows To Your iPad

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

There´s a great deal of pressure building up between what we can do with our iPads and what we wish we could do with our iPads. For instance, it would be great if Apple´s iPad had the same, split-screen functionality of Samsung´s newest Galaxy Note 10.1. Such a feature would take the iPad from the powerful creative and consumption device it is and thrust it into a powerful productivity device. Yet, for whatever reason – most likely battery life – Apple has yet to bake this functionality into their bestselling, world renowned tablet.

From day one, many iPad owners have been clamoring for the ability to watch their favorite TV shows on their iPad, without having to buy episodes or season passes from the iTunes store. After all, it seems like an easy enough proposition, no?

Some content providers, namely HBO, have made some of their programs available for viewing on the iPad, but the main rub here is the old, outdated business model which supports cable companies and content providers.

In the middle of all this pressure and tension, any bit of relief can feel like a dream come true, like we´re living in a brand new world.

Introducing the TiVo Stream, a product designed to relieve some of this pressure and give iPad users the tiniest taste of what they could be enjoying in the future, permitting, of course, that Apple is able to work out an appropriate deal with these providers.

The TiVo Stream broadcasts TiVo recordings to any iOS device – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch – over a local network. Additionally, the TiVo Stream can even transfer recordings to these devices for viewing whenever a user is away from the comforts of their Wi-Fi network. This small, 4-inch square device connects to any TiVo Premiere DVR unit, and uses the same network to transfer shows to the iOS devices. These iOS devices can even control the TiVo Stream via the TiVo iOS app. Users will want to be sure to have their Post-PC devices running iOS 5.1 or later, of course.

TiVo Stream can even deliver up content to 4 devices simultaneously, allowing a family to both stream and download content to their respective devices.

Of course, this device doesn´t solve every frustration for iPad users who want to watch their content on the go might have. According to PCMag, those content providers have placed some restrictions on the device, such as only allowing streaming and downloading over the local network.

It´s worth noting, however, that similar devices, such as the SlingBox SlingPlayer for iPad will allow users to stream their content over both 3G and Wi-Fi, making it easy for the traveling business person on the go to catch up on their favorite programs, no matter where they land that evening.

Furthermore, the TiVo Stream can only transfer certain content to iDevices. For instance, fans of The Daily Show or The Next Food Network Star will have to settle with simple streaming, as these networks have already said they will not allow the transfer of content onto these devices.

TiVo users who want to take advantage of this new service will also have to have some sort of Apple iDevice, as there is yet no way to stream or download content to a computer or Android device.

The TiVo Stream ships this week, and will be available for $129.99.