August 30, 2012

New Images Of Purported A6 iPhone Processor Emerge

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

9to5Mac.com is at it again, leading the charge in this year´s iPhone rumor cycle. Already, the site has given us an advanced look at many of the suspected new parts and components of Apple´s next smartphone, including screens, cases, and dock connectors.

This morning, they´re showing off even more iPhoney parts from Nowhereelse.fr and a video from Sinocent which seem to further confirm that, yes, the next iPhone will have a larger screen and that now famous metallic back plate, suggesting that Apple is finally doing away with their iconic glass and metal design in the iPhone 4 and 4S.

These parts have been seen numerous times and, as such, are no longer a surprise. One aspect of the next iPhone which has been left a mystery, however, is the processor or system on a chip which will be used in what is commonly referred to as the “iPhone 5.”

It´s been previously suggested that the next Apple smartphone could finally join the ranks of many Android phones and ship with a quad-core processor.

Some have also speculated that the next iPhone will continue to follow the Apple trend of using the latest iPad processor in the next iPhone. If this is the case, the next iPhone, which could be revealed on September 12th, would make use of the A5X chip, not quite a quad-core chip, but a chip with quad-core graphics.

Amongst all the other familiar images 9 to 5 Mac has posted today, a new picture shows what could be the logic board of the next iPhone, complete with an A6 processor. There are scant details about this chip, so it´s not clear if it will indeed be part of the next iPhone.

According to the 9 to 5 Mac piece, it had been previously speculated that the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company would make this quad-core chip, but recent reports show that Apple will continue their contract with Samsung for these chips after TSMC rejected Apple´s exclusive bid.

9 to 5 Mac researcher Sonny Dickson has uncovered the picture of the supposed next iPhone logic board, but remains unsure about it´s legitimacy, saying that the photo needed to be enhanced with Photoshop to see the part clearly.

When zoomed in on the image, the chip shows a blurry yet distinct “A6” branding. Though there are doubts about the credibility of these images, these shots are the first look we´ve had into what sort of chip could be driving the new iPhone.

According to a report in July by DigiTimes, Apple will use the same quad-core architecture found in Samsung´s latest flagship, the Galaxy S III. If Apple is sticking with Samsung to produce these chips, perhaps they will, in fact, be a quad-core cousin to the Exynos 4.

The new 9 to 5 Mac piece also shows another picture of the rumored 9-pin dock cable, also from researcher Sonny Dickson.

While some are remaining dubious about these new pictures, all could be revealed to us in a matter of weeks, as Apple is widely expected to host an iPhone-themed event September 12.

Perhaps we´ll see invites to said even next week?