Wolfram Alpha Now Provides Facebook Analytics
August 31, 2012

New Wolfram Alpha Tool Lets Users Conduct Personal Analytics On Facebook Data

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Online answer engine Wolfram Alpha, which answers factual queries by computing answers from structured data, unveiled a new feature on Thursday that allows users to conduct personal analytics using their Facebook data.

“Today I´m excited to announce that we´ve developed a first round of capabilities in Wolfram|Alpha to let anyone do personal analytics with Facebook data,” said Wolfram CEO Stephen Wolfram.

“Wolfram|Alpha knows about all kinds of knowledge domains; now it can know about you, and apply its powers of analysis to give you all sorts of personal analytics.”

The new report-generating tool provides a fairly deep look at a person´s Facebook characteristics. For example, the report shows which words a person uses most frequently in their status updates, which people ℠like´ their updates the most, the times in which a person uses the social network most frequently. The report also provides a breakdown of app activity and how person´s friends are connected to one another.

The report, which is free, gathers considerable data about a user´s friends, such as age, gender distribution, marital status and the most common name(s). Users can also generate a customized report focused solely on a particular friend by searching for ℠Facebook friends

The company said it plans to add even more features to the report in the future.

“This is just the beginning; over the months to come, particularly as we see about how people use this, we´ll be adding more and more capabilities,” Wolfram said.

Anyone interested in generating their own personal ℠Facebook report´ can do so by going here.

The service will prompt users to connect to Facebook and create a Wolfram Alpha account. From there, Wolfram will gather the user´s Facebook data and compile the report within a few seconds.