Is This The New Kindle Fire?
September 3, 2012

Possible Images Of New Kindle Fire Leaked To Media

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Photos of what is believed to be the next generation Kindle Fire surfaced online last Thursday, just one week before Amazon's scheduled September 6 event where the tablet computer will likely be officially unveiled, various media outlets reported late last week.

The images were first obtained and published by The Verge, and reporter Chris Ziegler said that sources have told him to expect both a seven-inch and a ten-inch model of the device, though it is uncertain whether or not both will be released simultaneously. Ziegler also said that he is not 100% certain that the device pictured is either of the two models.

A second source later told The Verge that the tablet in the picture "is not the new Kindle Fire. I know because I have held the new Kindle Fire in my hand and played with it for extensive periods of time... the bezel on the new Kindle Fire is wider. It has sloping sides like the old Motorola Xoom, so it sits nicely in the hand." Ziegler then suggests that the device could be an unfinished prototype, or an unrelated gizmo also expected to debut this week. reporter Roberto Baldwin points out that the picture suggests that the new Kindles will include a "glowing-screen feature" which would allow owners to use the devices in the dark without the use of accessories.

He also says that the device is rumored to feature a quad-core processor and that the leaked images "also show a front-facing camera in one of the longer sides of the bezel," and that the new Kindle Touch will include a back-lit screen and higher resolution and contrast than its predecessor.

"Details about the model have begun to emerge with several people close to the company confirming that the new Kindle Fire will have mapping services provided by Nokia Oyj," Lucy Kinder of the Telegraph wrote on Friday. "The sources also claimed that the new Kindle Fire will have either a GPS chip or Wifi based positioning system which will make the mapping services possible."

"This will most likely include street maps as well as information about local businesses and perhaps even traffic updates," she added. "Amazon will be the second major tech firm to drop Google maps. In June, Apple announced its latest mobile operating system, iOS6, which runs on its own mapping system rather than using Google maps as previous versions had done."

The original Kindle Fire, which cost $199, has sold out in the US, according to Amazon.