iPhone 5 Could Get New Headphones
September 3, 2012

Are These New Headphones For The iPhone 5?

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

The next iPhone will be different, no doubt, but in what ways will it be different?

We´ve already seen enough leaked images and videos to last us a lifetime and so far, it´s not THAT different. Sure, the 4-ish-inch display is a major departure from previous phones, but mostly, it looks like a 4-inch iPhone 4S.

Instead, it appears as if the next iPhone will be the collection of many small changes to make one, collective different

The dock connector is getting smaller, the headphone jack is moving, it´s getting slimmer and the antenna is moving back inside, finally ushering any misconceived notion out antenna-gate directly out the door. This is all wild conjecture, of course, as Tim Cook or Phil Schiller could throw us all for a loop and suggest something wild to truly make this next iPhone remarkably different.

So, if they´re already making so many small changes to the iPhone, what´s the harm in making one more?

Similar to that changing dock port, another “old” piece of Apple tech has been carried over from Grandpa iPod to iPhone are those little white earbuds. Those crisp, clean headphones were made iconic in Apple´s early iPod commercials with the dancing silhouettes, but may now be replaced by a new design.

According to The Verge, Vietnamese site Tinhte has posted video of someone holding what looks to be Apple-Esque earbuds, claiming they could be released with the next iPhone in only a matter of weeks.

According to the folks at Tinhte, these headphones are being manufactured in a Foxconn plant in Vietnam and even have the words “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in Vietnam” written on the cord.

From the video, these ear buds resemble more of a narrow funnel-like tube which could port the sound directly into your ear, rather than the current “mentos” style ear buds which sit just on the outside of the ear. Tinhte also mentions that these ear buds appear to be a “single, integrated unit,” complete with a unibody construction and mostly hidden speaker grilles.

While these ear buds do have some Apple signatures, it´s likely they could be nothing more than a third-party attempt to cash in on the Apple likeness. Furthermore, The Verge notes that these headphones appear to be lacking the in-line remote and microphone which have been present on packaged iPhones since 2008.

However, if certain rumors hold true, Apple won´t only be announcing their newest iPhone come September 12th, they´ll also be releasing a new round of iPods, with changes ranging from a new 4-inch display for the Touch to a Wi-Fi antenna in the iPod Nano to simply integrating that new, 9-pin connector in all existing models.

While an in-line microphone and remote is essential in a set of iPhone ear buds, it´s less important with iPods.

Assuming Tinhte is correct and these are new Apple headphones, perhaps the set we´ve seen shown off are bound for the iPods, while another, microphone equipped pair could make their way to the iPhone?

After all, the final countdown to September 12th has begun, and press event invites could be making their way to members of the press any day now.