Living On The Edge - Motorola To Announce Edge-to-edge Phone
September 3, 2012

Motorola One Step Closer To The Edge As They Try To Beat Out The iPhone

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Before we got what we assume to be a very clear idea of what the next iPhone will look like, many had assumed Apple would find a way to make their screen bigger. Some speculated they would make it just a little longer – creating the phone we now believe will be announced on September 12 – while others believed Apple could take an edge-to-edge approach and widen the screen by a few millimeters to make it larger. Although it appears as if Apple has clearly gone with one strategy to make their phone larger, it doesn´t mean the other strategy isn´t any good.

Now, following the trend of Amazon, Nokia and Windows Phone, Bloomberg is reporting that Motorola will announce their own, edge-to-edge phone at a Verizon event on September 5th, just before Apple´s announcement, and on the same day Amazon is expected to announce a new Kindle Fire tablet.

According to the Bloomberg report, Google´s Motorola is following Nokia´s cue by announcing their edge-to-edge, LTE Android smartphone a week or so before Apple´s announcement, but will release the phone “sometime later this year.”

This mystery, widened phone will be announced in the Big Apple alongside Verizon Wireless, said Bloomberg´s sources, who didn´t give their name as the details haven´t yet been released.

Such a phone will all but eliminate the bezel surrounding the edges of the display, making the entirety of the front of the phone available for reading and interaction.

According to the Bloomberg report, Google´s Motorola is hoping this feature could be just what they need to stand out in the marketplace against major competitors, such as Apple and even Android-brethren Samsung. When asked, both Motorola and Verizon spokespeople declined to comment.

Ron Amadeo of Android Police seems to be excited about the possibility of this sans bezel Android Moto phone:

“A bezel-less phone would truly be a 'next generation' phone design: eliminate everything that isn't useful screen real-estate. You could fit more screen into a smaller device. It's certainly not a new idea (see: every futuristic movie ever), or an impossible one, but actually building it would instantly put you at the top of the Android heap, and your company would be seen as leading the way into the future of phone design.”

Amadeo also smartly points out that Motorola has already sent out invitations to a joint event with Intel in London on September 18th. On the invite, the words “Let us take you to the edge” are set in large type before mentioning in a smaller setting, “join Motorola Mobility for an exciting announcement.”

Though such a phone could very well place Google´s Motorola “at the top of the heap,” their quick announcement and reveal of this phone could immediately serve the purpose of confirming a new Apple device.

Though Amazon and Nokia are only trying to get their new products out before the crucial holiday shopping season, the fact that they´re all picking the same week is more than a little suspicious. They want their products to have their fair share in the spotlight and, if history as taught us anything, Apple´s new iPhone will dominate headlines for 2 to 3 weeks following the announcement.

These companies could have an even harder time getting attention for their latest and greatest if Apple holds another press event in October for their Rumored iPad Mini.