iPhone 5: Apple Makes It Official For September 12th
September 4, 2012

Apple Press Invites Sent Out Today: iPhone 5 On The 12th

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

UDID leak?  What UDID leak?

It´s incredibly likely Apple planned to send out press invites to their next mega press event today. Though we had all more or less known they´d be holding this event on September 12th, not having any official word from Cupertino left even the tiniest shred of doubt that Apple would do as we expected.

As the 12th gets ever closer, today, the 4th, is a fine time to announce this next press event. However, announcing the press event just hours after a huge story began to circulate about an attack on an FBI laptop and the subsequent leak of 1 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs) is pure genius.

iPhone rabid fans have been successfully silenced as the pre-iPhone frenzy begins to kick into high gear.

In accordance with their long-held traditions of subtly tipping their hand as to what will be announced, the invite only says, “It´s almost here,” above a giant “12.”

The “12,” however, is casting a very interesting shadow.

Ever since Apple released the “new” iPad with Retina Display this spring, there´s been a raging war between those who expect the new iPhone to also lose its numerical identifier, taking on the same moniker as the “new” iPad.

This invite seems to crush this argument entirely, as the shadow being cast from the giant “12” actually displays a “5.”

So, love it or hate it (and I don´t love it) it appears as if the next iPhone will in fact be called the “iPhone 5.”

Apple´s next event will be held at the familiar Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, California at 10 AM, Pacific Standard time.

Apple is also expected to host another event in October to release a brand new, smaller iPad, the “iPad Mini.”

Originally, many thought both devices would be launched on September 12th. A few weeks ago, John Gruber wrote a lengthy post postulating about the importance of 2 separate events for these 2 devices, which bearded Apple pundit Jim Dalrymple later “confirmed” by calling Gruber a “smart fellow.”

The now official September 12th event is also expected to yield some new iPods as well. According to iMore, who had also guessed Apple would release the “iPad Mini” alongside the iPhone 5, also predicts we could see new, 4-inch iPod Touch models as well as new iPod Nano models. Each of these new iPod models are expected to receive that new, rumored 9-pin dock connector. The iPod Touch is expected to join its older sibling and be stretched to 4-inches, while some expect the iPod Nano to receive a Wi-Fi antenna, bringing iTunes Match to the postage stamp player.

It hasn´t just been Apple fans who have been caught up in rapt anticipation for the announcement of Apple´s next press event. Other tech companies with new products for the holiday season have been waiting for the official word. Some have even prepared themselves for a September 12th event, rushing to announce their own press events in the weeks before. Nokia, for example, is expected to announce their next Lumia smartphone tomorrow in New York City. The next Lumia won´t be available until October, however.

Amazon is also expected to release a new tablet on Thursday, September 6th, in their own California press event.