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GreenSQL First to Provide Full Database Security on the Cloud for Microsoft® SQL Azure(TM)

September 5, 2012

TEL AVIV, Israel, September 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

GreenSQL, http://www.greensql.com, the database security company, now offers
complete database security for SQL Azure, satisfying both security and performance
requirements of cloud-based databases.

“Security is the biggest concern of SMBs and enterprises when they contemplate the
move to the cloud,” says Amir Sadeh, CEO, GreenSQL. “With GreenSQL, companies can safely
move to the Azure cloud with iron-clad assurances that data will be just as safe as it is

GreenSQL’s software-based solution is installed as a front-end to SQL Azure; it fully
camouflages and secures the Azure database, dynamically masks sensitive and confidential
data in real-time, and provides monitoring and auditing of data access and administrative
activities. Its caching dramatically increases database performance, reducing latency in
cloud environments. By using GreenSQL, companies comply with regulations such as HIPAA,
PCI, SOX, and Basel II.

“According to generally accepted industry statistics, SQL injection attempts occur
more than 70 times per hour,” continued Sadeh. “Our new technology ensures that
Azure-stored data is just as secure against threats as privately hosted GreenSQL-protected

GreenSQL protects SQL Azure databases in hybrid and fully hosted environments against
external and internal threats, with enhanced SQL injection prevention and a database
firewall. In a hybrid environment, GreenSQL becomes the secure gateway between on-premise
applications and the SQL Azure cloud. On fully hosted applications, GreenSQL’s
separation-of-duties features ensure that only authorized personnel can access specified
parts of the database.

While Microsoft Windows(R) and SQL Azure provide their own measures to protect
multi-tenancy threats, they do not specifically enforce any database security policies.
GreenSQL protects both the database and compute clouds, allowing companies with fully
hosted applications to install and run GreenSQL on Azure.

“Businesses want an easy, efficient solution, and GreenSQL lets them run IT more
securely and affordably,” concluded Sadeh.

About GreenSQL

GreenSQL, the Database Security Company, delivers out-of-the-box database security
solutions for small and mid-sized organizations. Started as an open source project back in
2006, GreenSQL became the no. 1 database security solution for MySQL with 100,000 users
worldwide. In 2009, in response to market needs, GreenSQL LTD developed a commercial
version, bringing a fresh approach to protecting databases of small- and medium-sized

GreenSQL provides database security solutions that are affordable and easy to install
and maintain. GreenSQL supports Microsoft Azure, SQL Server (all versions including SQL
Server 2012), MySQL and PostgreSQL.


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