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EZchip Introduces NPS, a New Breed of C-Programmable NPU That Enables the Next Wave of High-Performance Smart Carrier and Data-Center Networks

September 5, 2012

YOKNEAM, Israel, September 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

News Highlights

NPS is a new product line of NPUs that uniquely features a combination of unmatched:

        - Technology - 10 times smaller and faster C-programmable Task Optimized
          Processors (CTOPs)
        - Integration - NPU with 256 CTOPs, 4K threads, Traffic Manager, DPI, Security,
          Search Engine and 800G I/O in one chip
        - Performance - 400-Gigabit wire-speed packet processing
        - Flexibility - advanced services and full layers 2-7 stateful processing
        - Simplicity - easy to use C-programmable and Linux(R) operating system
        - Versatility - addressing carrier, cloud and data-center networking equipment
        - Applications - switching, routing, SDN/OpenFlow and virtualization of network
          elements, load balancing, TCP offload, firewall, VPNs, intrusion detection/prevention,
          network analytics and more

EZchip Semiconductor Ltd. (NASDAQ:EZCH), a leader in Ethernet network processors,
today unveiled the NPS – Network Processor for Smart networks – a revolutionary network
processor (NPU) that will enable the next generation of smart high-performance carrier and
data-center equipment. Through its breakthrough architecture the NPS boosts the
flexibility and performance of traditional NPUs and CPUs to enable advanced baseline
features for carrier equipment and to scale the performance levels of data-center
equipment. NPS provides equipment vendors with a feature-proof, fully programmable, high
performance solution and expands the market addressable by EZchip’s NPUs. EZchip will
present details of the NPS architecture at the Linley Tech Processor Conference on October
10-11, 2012 in San Jose, California.

With the continuous surge of subscribers, content and applications on the net, carrier
and data-center networks are under constant pressure to operate faster and do more. This
demand for network bandwidth and intelligence produces an insatiable appetite for
processing power in networking equipment. Network-equipment vendors essentially have had a
choice of two types of processors: NPUs that provide fast layer 2-3 processing however
with complex microcode programming, and CPUs (single or multi-core) that provide flexible
C-programmable layer 4-7 processing however at reduced performance and power efficiency.
Through its breakthrough architecture, NPS breaks the barriers imposed by traditional NPUs
and CPUs. It enables extremely high-performance C-programmable layer 2-7 processing, and
provides networking vendors with an architecture that scales as more advanced services at
higher speeds are required over time.

For carrier equipment, the NPS enables the migration of advanced layer 4-7 features
from specialized services cards to common line cards and enables the line card with new
baseline features such as application recognition and IPSec VPNs, as well as greater
velocity for adding new features. For data-center equipment, the NPS allows scaling their
performance to the required loads of the evolving data center for greater layer 2-7
capabilities within constrained power and space. It empowers data-center appliances as
well as carrier appliances with line-rate performance for applications such as load
balancing, firewall and OpenFlow/SDN (Software Defined Networks) and network

The NPS is uniquely designed for data-plane processing where packet processing and
wire-speed forwarding prevail, unlike CPUs that are designed for general processing where
management functions and control-plane processing prevail. Central to the NPS are its
innovative CTOPs (C-programmable Task Optimized Processors). These processing engines
build on EZchip’s extensive NPU experience and are designed specifically for data-plane
processing. The optimized design allows the integration of 256 such processors, each with
16 threads, for a total of 4K virtual processing engines. This vast number of engines is
mandatory for high-speed data-plane processing where packets are arriving at an extremely
high rate and every packet is processed. The NPS architecture is in contrast to CPUs that
have an order of magnitude fewer engines integrated into a chip because they are based on
much larger general-purpose cores, have large memory caches, designed to execute millions
lines of code, and target both data and control processing. The NPS’ efficient design
allows incorporating into the chip not only a great number of cores but also EZchip’s
market-proven hardware traffic manager, a task optimized memory architecture, and numerous
hardware accelerators for efficient table lookups, application recognition and security.
The end result is a very powerful network processor with superior power efficiency and

“We are bringing to market a new breed of network processor that is architected to
address the next generation of smart high-performance carrier and data-center networks.
Leveraging the 10-years of experience with our NP family that made EZchip the leading
high-speed NPU supplier, we believe the NPS will extend and broaden our leadership for
many years to come. We are preserving NPU performance advantages, opening the L4-7 markets
for us and doubling EZchip’s addressable market above and beyond serving edge routers,”
said Eli Fruchter, President and CEO of EZchip Technologies. “As for our main market of
edge routers, NPS extends our competitive advantage and leapfrogs the competition.
Combined with our future NP products, NPS can potentially increase our market penetration
in next generation edge routing by providing current and new customers with the
flexibility to adopt existing or new architectures, for basic and advanced line cards.”

“We applaud EZchip for its bold move in developing the NPS, which truly redefines the
network processor by stripping away traditional limitations,” said Bob Wheeler, senior
analyst at The Linley Group. “Only the market leader could develop such a ground-breaking
product as the NPS while preserving its customers’ software investments by also extending
the NP line.”

The NPS is a new product line of NPUs from EZchip. Initially, EZchip will deliver the
NPS-400 and NPS-200 products with 400-Gigabit and 200-Gigabit throughput, respectively.
Samples are planned for Q4 2013 and other derivative products will follow. EZchip
customers for the NP-2/3/4/5 products will have the option to maintain the benefits of
code portability and scale up with a future NP-6, or C-program their applications and
benefit from the new capabilities of the NPS.

The NPS provides great packet processing simplicity and flexibility through C-based
programming, a standard toolset, support of the Linux(R) operating system, large code
space, and a run-to-completion or pipeline programming style. A comprehensive library
provides source code for a variety of applications to speed customer’s design cycle. The
NPS features cores that are highly optimized for packet processing and leverage EZchip’s
vast packet processing and applications experience, a market-proven traffic manager,
hardware accelerators for security and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) tailored for
efficiency and performance, on-chip search engines including TCAM with scaling through
algorithmic extension to external low-cost low-power DRAM memory, a fabric adaptor to
enable direct connection to a chassis backplane and switch fabric, and a multitude of
interfaces providing an aggregated bandwidth of 800-Gigabits per second including 10-, 40-
and 100-Gigabit Ethernet, Interlaken and PCI Express interfaces.

Webcast Discusses New Product Line

EZchip will be hosting and webcasting a conference call with analysts and investors on
September 5, 2012 at 10:00am Eastern Time (7:00am Pacific Time; 5:00pm Israel Time). The
accompanying presentation is now available on the company’s website. The live webcast and
presentation are available from a link in the investor relations section of the Company’s
web site at: http://www.ezchip.com/investor_relations.htm. An archived webcast replay
will be available for a limited period.

About EZchip

EZchip is a fabless semiconductor company that provides Ethernet network processors
for networking equipment. EZchip provides solutions that scale from a few to hundreds of
Gigabits-per-second. EZchip’s network processors provide great flexibility and high
performance coupled with superior integration and power efficiency for a wide range of
applications in carrier, cloud and data center network equipment. For more information on
our company, visit the web site at http://www.ezchip.com.

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