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Ohio Virtual Academy Students Head Back to School; Program Celebrates 11th Year Providing Expanded Learning Opportunities

September 5, 2012

MAUMEE, Ohio, Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA), a tuition-free, accredited online public charter school for students in Ohio, began the 2012-2013 school year last week as the program marks its 11th year of operation in the state. OHVA uses the award-winning K´² curriculum to offer students in grades K-12 an individualized learning approach and provide them with the tools they need to succeed–both in school and beyond.

“While traditional schools work well for some, we’ve found that families in Ohio have responded positively to the personal attention and flexible learning schedule we’re able to provide with our program,” said Dr. Kristin Stewart, Head of School at OHVA. “Parents and teachers know that not every child is able to learn at the same speed or in the same environment. OHVA has been successful over the past decade because we offer an individualized program that gives each student the learning experience that most suits his or her needs.”

Due to a steady increase in high school enrollment, OHVA has added two new principal positions this year. There is now one principal solely dedicated to serving Grade 9, another exclusively committed to Grade 10 and a third tasked with overseeing Grades 11 and 12. These new additions are intended to help support students and families who may require extra attention during the year. While each principal focuses on specific grade levels, they are working as a team to provide the best possible support for OHVA’s High School Program.

With online education, learning can happen at home, on the road or wherever an Internet connection can be found, and it presents a viable option to those who may be struggling with the pace of learning or who are subject to unpredictable schedules, like military families. While attendance, teacher interaction and daily lessons are conducted online, many lessons at OHVA use physical materials and offline tools as well. OHVA teachers are some of the most tech-savvy, creative educators in the state and provide instruction, guidance and support to students and parents via email, web-based classrooms, online discussions or over the phone.

Ohio Virtual Academy is an AdvancED accredited public school. AdvancED is the largest school accrediting agency in the United States and provides accreditation and support for schools that meet their standards of excellence, both nationally and internationally. Online learning is one of the fastest growing areas in education, and over the past decade online schools have offered students expanded course options, increased education opportunities and customized learning programs, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic circumstance. Evidence of this cultural acceptance can be found in OHVA’s most recent graduating high school class, whose students amassed a total of over $1.5 million in college scholarship offers.

Enrollment is still open for the 2012-2013 academic school year, and all interested families are encouraged to visit www.k12.com/ohva for more information.

About Ohio Virtual Academy

Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) is a full-time, online public charter school serving students in grades K through 12. As part of the Ohio public school system, OHVA is tuition-free, giving parents and families the choice to access the award-winning curriculum and tools provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s largest provider of proprietary curriculum and online education programs. For more information about OHVA, visit www.k12.com/ohva.

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