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The Neat® Company Adds NeatMobile for Android to its Comprehensive Digital Filing System

September 5, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Neat® Company, a leader in Digital Filing Systems for the small business and home, today announced general availability of NeatMobile® for the Android operating system. With these new services, Android phone users will be able to access and search the information in their Neat Digital Filing Systems from virtually anywhere. Users will also be able to immediately add documents, receipts, and business cards into their Digital Filing System using the camera on their Android smartphone.

“Consumers and small businesses alike are using an array of Internet-connected devices – not just a single laptop,” says Kevin Garton, chief marketing officer of The Neat Company. “Neat’s Digital Filing System is a way for people to tie all of these systems together, making important files immediately available regardless of device. With the addition of NeatMobile for Android, customers can continue to leverage Neat’s Digital Filing System to simplify information management for the home or business.”

NeatMobile for Android is a part of the Neat Digital Filing System , which consists of the Neat software platform; the company’s popular scanning solutions NeatDesk® and NeatReceipts®; and NeatCloud for Web and NeatMobile for iOS.

The new NeatMobile application for Android includes the following powerful features:

  • Acquire – Users can quickly capture important information by using the camera on their smartphone.
  • Sync – NeatMobile for Android automatically synchronizes with all other versions of Neat’s Digital Filing System including Neat’s desktop software, NeatCloud, and other mobile devices – ensuring that all content is accessible from anywhere.
  • Access – Android users can now use their mobile devices to quickly view all the information in a Neat Digital Filing System while on the go.
  • Search – NeatMobile for Android leverages OCR and parsing to transform information in the Neat Digital Filing System into searchable data. In addition to OCR and parsing, NeatMobile users can also signup for NeatVerify, a monthly subscription service that ensures that data taken from images is 99% accurate.

NeatMobile for Android will be free-of-charge to those who have subscribed to the top two NeatCloud plans. To subscribe to a NeatCloud plan, visit http://www.neat.com/products/neatcloud.

To download the NeatMobile app for Android from the Google Play Store Click here. You can also simply search for “Neat” on the Google Play Store to find and download NeatMobile.

NeatDesk and NeatReceipts can be purchased online at Neat.com, Apple.com and Amazon.com. They are also available through retailers such as Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax and Best Buy.

Editor’s Note:

*NeatMobile is supported on Android versions 2.2 and higher.

About Digital Filing Systems

A digital filing system is a desktop and cloud-based repository where important documents and information can be safely stored, organized, accessed and shared. The information can originate from analog (paper) or digital formats (PDF, JPEG, etc.) and be placed in the digital filing system by scanning, emailing, mobile device image capture or uploading.

About The Neat Company

The Neat® Company is the leading manufacturer of Digital Filing Systems for the small business and home markets. Neat’s unique combination of cloud, mobile, desktop software and hardware scanning solutions transform important documents into usable digital information. Neat’s comprehensive digital filing system helps you organize, access and share both paper and digital documents simplifying everyday tasks so you have more time to do what matters. Neat’s solutions consist of NeatDesk®, NeatReceipts®, NeatCloud®, NeatMobile®, NeatVerify® and NeatScan®. Learn more at www.neat.com.

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