Symantec’s Newest Norton Offerings
September 5, 2012

New Norton Security Tools From Symantec Released This Week

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

With a new Windows operating system due out in October, one security company has already announced their latest security tool designed for Microsoft´s latest offering.

Norton 360, Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security are each designed to match the new UI in Windows 8 and protect PCs from not only common virus attacks, but also newer threats, particularly those found on social networking sites and in the cloud.

“According to this year´s Norton Cybercrime Report (Norton Cybercrime Report4), one in 10 social network users said they´d fallen victim to a scam or fake link on social network platforms. Today, consumers are living nearly every aspect of their lives online and often putting personal information at risk,” said group president of consumer business for Symantec, Janice Chaffin, in a press statement.

“With our latest releases, Norton responds to this and other consumer vulnerabilities with stronger social media and scam protection to ensure consumers are safe in the multi-device, Wi-Fi-enabled world.”

Though Windows 8 will come with its own security software, Windows Defender, Symantec claims that using their products can actually increase the speed and performance of a stock Windows 8 machine. Symantec claims that, according to third-party tests, Windows 8 ran 50% faster with Norton installed. Furthermore, Symantec claims these Windows 8 machines are up to 20% safer with Norton installed.

In addition to improving the overall speed, Norton claims to reduce power consumption in Windows 8 machines, resulting in faster response from hibernate and sleep modes, as well as extending the life of a laptop´s battery. Norton also promises to protect any important and treasured media files, such as photos and videos , from attack.

As for safety, Symantec offers social networking protection, improved network protection and a tool they´re calling “Scam Insight.”

Scam Insight acts as it sounds, warning users of any site which may be potentially dangerous. This tool takes anonymous data from other Norton users to determine which sites are trusted and safe. If a user visits a risky site, a warning is sent out to Norton, which will then alert other users of this potentially dangerous site. Users can still override these warnings, however, should they trust the site.

In addition to snooping out these shady sites, Scam Insight also tracks IP addresses to determine if multiple threats are coming from the same source.

Symantec´s newly updated Norton tools can also protect users when they´re surfing Facebook, guarding Windows 8 machines against false or malicious messages or “likejacking” on social networking sites.

"We think that social engineering is a bigger way for malware to get on the system. If you can somehow con the user to do something they wouldn't normally do, then the malware can get in," said Norton´s senior product manager Jerry Egan, who spoke with CNET.

Finally, Norton´s new suite of software features stronger network defenses which uses information gathered from Scam Insight to protect the rest of the user´s network as well as their machine.

Anti-Virus tools can often cause severe performance issues on a machine, which makes Symantec´s 50% claims a bit shocking. According to CNET, older versions of Norton Anti-virus running on older, Windows 7 machines added 40 seconds to boot time and an additional 10 seconds to shut down time.