September 7, 2012

General Motors Bringing 500 Tech Jobs To Austin

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

General Motors said on Friday that it plans to hire up to 500 people to staff a computer center in Austin, Texas.

This new move to bump up the work force in Austin is the first step in the company's push to bring the majority of its IT work in house over the next three years.

The company will hire software developers, database experts and other IT experts to run its center in Austin. The center will be the first one based in the U.S.

GM is planning to bring 90 percent of its information technology from outside companies in-house. The company could be adding as much as 10,000 people to do the work globally in the next three to five years, according to Randy Mott, the company's new chief information officer.

“We are changing the mix very substantially to have a lot more people doing development and innovation,” Mott said on a morning conference call.

He said positions would have to be self-supporting, an investment with a return that helps GM cut information technology costs and bring changes that would boost market share and revenue.

Mott said the innovation centers would develop software and change processes to help the company bring in new vehicles quicker.

GM said its information technology innovation centers will help push new ideas into its vehicles, and will also improve its business processes and drive down costs.

The company has another plan under way to consolidate its 23 global data centers into two in an effort to try and curb costs and increase efficiency.

GM is currently talking with other cities about bringing more of these facilities to the U.S.