Skin Cancer Specialist,Molescreen Launches High Tech Sunspot Removal Service In Brisbane

September 7, 2012

For over 15 years Dr Ian Johnson of Molescreen has been removing pre-cancerous sunspots from patients using Photo Dynamic Therapy. Having seen how successful it has been he has decided to launch the service to the skin cancer capital of the world, Brisbane in Queensland,Australia.

Brisbane,Queensland,Australia (PRWEB) September 06, 2012

Molescreen,a specialised Skin Cancer treatment and removal clinic in Brisbane,Queensland is now launching an extension of their current services to include Sunspot removal as well as treatment of thin Basal Cell Carcinomas and Bowens Disease.

The clinic run by Dr Ian Johnson has been using a technology called Photo Dynamic Therapy for over 15 years and has seen how particularly well it removes sunspots as well as treats BCC’s and Bowens Disease resulting in a new service aimed at these particular problems.

Regarding sunspots Johnson says “Most people don’t know that aside from being unsightly,more than 30% of sunspots will become cancerous. Our technology has shown us that treating sunspots with the naked eye is not effective because our scans reveal a far wider area that needs

treating than the naked eye sees. As a result our PDT treatment removes sunspots that would otherwise remain as well as those visible to GP’s and other skin specialists.”

Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world,most people who have been raised in Queensland will suffer from sunspots due to overexposure to the sun at an early age when the skin is most susceptible to damage caused by uv light in sunlight. Skin cancer and sunspots are an Australia wide problem not just in Queensland but Dr Johnson believes the problem is endemic in Queensland. He also alerts Queenslanders to the less efficient methods being practised for sunspot removal.

For many years Cryotherapy or freezing has been used to remove sunspots, this is quite an ineffective remedy to the problem because the recurrence rate of sunspots after cryotherapy is 60%. Photo Dynamic Therapy not only offers a highly effective treatment for sunspot removal,

thin BCC’s and Bowens Disease but it also resets the clock on your skin. Many of my patients over the years have commented how much better their skin feels and looks after PDT, initially after the treatment and also many years later. It is a long term solution to sun damaged skin.”

Dr Johnson’s new website SunspotRemoval.com.au goes into more depth on the benefits of PDT and the specific issues it addresses so effectively.

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