Recent E Cigarette Health Studies Suggest that Second Hand Smoke Dangers are Absent in Second Hand Vapor Produced by E-Cigs

September 7, 2012

Medical studies on the health benefits or safety risks of e-cigarettes will continue to be done, and gradually a more precise health profile of ecigs will becomes clearer. But overall, electronic cigarettes are definitely a cleaner less toxic alternative to regular cigarettes, according to e-cigarette savings website V2 Cigs Coupon ( http://v2cigscoupon.org/ ).

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 06, 2012

The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece has done an August 2012 ecig health study on the effects of e-cigarettes on the heart. Their results have shown that the blood pressure and heart activity was more affected with those using regular cigarettes than with those using electronic cigarettes. There has not been much research done in this area, but this may show the effects of e-cigarettes are less risky than using regular cigarettes.

“Electronic cigarettes are not a healthy habit but they are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes,” Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens told the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology.

The studies have been conducted on electronic cigarette smoking so far prove that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Regarding the effect electronic cigarettes have on the passive smokers, it has been established in a study conducted by Utah Vapers that the vapor that is exhaled by electronic cigarette smokers doesn’t contain any nicotine in it and the people around the electronic cigarette smokers, therefore, aren’t exposed to nicotine. Other substances present in the exhaled vapor are well below the limits prescribed by FDA. All these findings prove that the health of passive smokers is not at all affected by electronic cigarettes.

Many smokers have questioned whether or not e-cigs are safe to “smoke” (actually a misnomer as there is no actual smoke involved) and whether the smoke-like vapor produced is safe (or safer) for those who would otherwise be suffering from second-hand smoke? Those are the the kinds of questions that have arisen with regard to e cigarettes since they were launched just a few years ago.

It is a well known fact that electronic cigarettes do not have anywhere near the amount of cancer causing toxins that real cigarettes have. In a study by the Federal Drug Administration, the electronic cigarettes had only trace amounts, 500 to 1400 times less than what tobacco cigarettes contain.

“Considering the extreme hazards associated with cigarette smoking, currently available data suggest that electronic cigarettes are far less harmful and substituting tobacco with electronic cigarettes may be beneficial to health.” commented Tyler Bullock of V2CigsCoupon.org.

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