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Avigilon Redefines Ease of Use for Video Management Software with Debut of ACC 5.0

September 10, 2012

Bringing together the best from IT, web design, and video game
industries security professionals benefit from best practice

ASIS 2012 CONFERENCE, PHILADELPHIA, USA, Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Avigilon (TSX: AVO), a leader in high-definition (HD) and megapixel video
surveillance solutions, today announced that Avigilon Control Center (ACC), the fifth major release of one of the
world’s most popular video management software (VMS)
tools for security professionals, will be demonstrated at ASIS 2012. The ACC 5.0 software with High-Definition Stream Management(TM) (HDSM) technology unites the best from the IT, web design, and video game
industries so security professionals can easily and intuitively manage
video footage from unlimited analog and megapixel cameras. The software
helps private and public organizations increase productivity and
resolve incidents with new features due to faster investigations and
unsurpassed image quality.

“The physical security market needs to heed the transformations
affecting the larger IT industry. Leveraging best practices from the IT
community, and harnessing trends around the consumerization of IT and
software gamification can create new efficiencies in IP video
management software usage. In turn, additional value for surveillance
interactions with video and data can be created,” said Chris Chute,
research manager, Worldwide Digital Imaging Practice & SMB
Transformative Technology Trends at IDC.

Organizations can keep their mission critical surveillance systems fully
operational 24/7 with the crash-proof enterprise server management
feature. With this feature, up to 100 servers can be synchronized as a
single cluster with no dedicated management server. With all servers
operating as one unit there is no single point of failure. Now if one
server fails the others have the user settings, events, alarms and
other important information needed to continue working. This feature
also makes adding and maintaining servers as easy as plugging them in.
Newly added servers will automatically acquire the user’s information
and settings with no setup required.

The unique approach to intelligent virtual matrix allows ACC 5.0 to be
the industry’s first VMS to introduce collaborative investigations in
real-time. With this feature, incidents can be resolved quickly and
efficiently. This major shift in workplace cooperation allows multiple
operators to interact and view the same video footage to make informed
decisions on safety and security. Collaborative investigations will
help security professionals in the public and private sectors do their
job more efficiently. They can push their feed to other users on their
teams or law enforcement agencies as opposed to sharing exported video
clips via email or physically traveling to another user’s workstation
to view video footage.

Security professionals with video walls, a grouping of multiple monitors
or television sets that displays surveillance footage, or remote
monitors can transform static video walls into intelligent video walls
with ACC 5.0′s virtual matrix. Taking the existing matrix functionality
of ACC to the next level of interactivity, users can now change
layouts, manipulate video, zoom, rewind, and isolate footage as well as
display content like maps, web pages and point-of-sale transactions on
video walls and remote monitors. Intelligent virtual matrix
functionality allows casinos, airports, large campuses and enterprises
the ability to identify and react to incidents even faster.

Taking inspiration from leading web browsers and the video game
industry, ACC 5.0 marries the best of usability and interactivity for
an easy and enjoyable experience. With a new interface, security
professionals or those tasked with monitoring video surveillance can
quickly learn how to manage video footage for speedy investigations and
reduced training costs. The new VMS can be operated via joystick, or
keyboard and mouse. As part of ongoing research and development
efforts, ACC 5.0 can also be controlled through various voice and
motion commands in combination with Kinect(TM) for Windows®. Attendees at
ASIS 2012 can experience the Kinect integration with ACC 5.0 first hand
in hall B, booth 3201 from September 10-13, 2012.

“Avigilon Control Center 5.0 is a significant leap for video management
software in terms of ease of use and advanced functionality,” said
Keith Marett, vice president of marketing and communications. “Security
professionals can search faster, increase productivity and bring
significant return on investment to their organizations with our latest
ACC software.”

Additional features of ACC 5.0 include:

        --  HDSM for efficient bandwidth management and remote viewing
        --  Multi-megapixel high-dynamic range image display
        --  Data protection and storage management
        --  Integrated graphic mapping for system layout
        --  HD recording and playback timeline
        --  Ability to bookmark and export HD surveillance footage
        --  Even faster video search capabilities
        --  Advanced features: alarm monitoring, POS transaction engine,
            acquisition manager, simple installation, scalable integration
            with legacy systems and detailed management, monitoring, and
            reporting of system status and security

ACC 5.0 will be available in early 2013. Offering security professionals
the easiest to use interface with crash-proof enterprise server
management, ACC 5.0 enables faster, easier, collaborative
investigations and interactive video walls courtesy of the intelligent
virtual matrix. The fifth release of Avigilon Control Center comes in
Core, Standard, and Enterprise editions for organizations of all sizes.
For more information on product availability please contact a local
sales representative at http://avigilon.com/#/sales-locator/ or http://avigilon.com/ACC5.

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