HP Unveils New All-In-One PCs
September 10, 2012

Hewlett-Packard Releases Specs For Upcoming All-In-One Models

John Neumann for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Hewlett-Packard showed off some of its forthcoming Windows 8-powered ultrabooks and convertible PCs recently and has now revealed a slew of all-in-one models, in case you want to sit at a desk to do some computing. Oh, and you may wish to take an aspirin now because the dizzying names may cause discomfort.

Expected to show up on shelves in time for the holiday season are the HP Spectre One, HP Envy 23, HP Envy 20 TouchSmart and the HP Pavilion 20 and they include such features as multi-touch screens and NFC technology, writes Rich Brown for CNet.

One can assume the numerals in the product names are indicative of screen sizes, that´s fine. And the name TouchSmart hints at a PC that requires the use of fingers to operate, but I think most computer devices have such requirements to some degree.

The HP Spectre One offers a 23.6-inch full HD non-touch display and comes with a wireless trackpad, so you can navigate through Windows 8 with your fingertips. Although Windows 8 was designed to work with touchscreens, Microsoft says its new operating system will still work fine on non-touchscreens.

The name Spectre One gives me pause as it is defined as either a: ghost, phantom or apparition. Or a mental image of something unpleasant or menacing. So my new PC is a scary ghost, or a b-level comic book character from the 1940´s?

I also immediately assume the Spectre Two is coming soon, rendering my $1,200 purchase obsolete. Maybe I´ll wait until the next model.

So with that off my holiday wish list, let us look at the HP Envy TouchSmart models. They are available in 20-inch for $799 and 23-inch versions for $999. Apparently 3-inches and $200 makes a big enough difference to matter.

The two are essentially the same version of the Envy 23 HP announced earlier this summer, writes Bonnie Cha for All Things D, but with a touchscreen, so maybe not enough people envied the Envy and new features had to be included. If I had purchased this model a few months ago, I would be disappointed in my now-outdated version and I would be envious of those who had waited.

I think it should be named the Envy Two, unless that implied it had only a 2-inch screen size. Marketing is difficult.

Lastly is the $449 Pavilion 20, named correctly perhaps, if it is the family computer that sits in plain view for everyone to use and has evidence of the last grubby hands on it. Remarkable for being unremarkable with a 20-inch screen and a basement price of $449.