Google Fiber Kansas City
September 10, 2012

Google Fiber Ends Pre-Registration in Kansas City

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

While the rest of the world sits and watches in envy, Google updated the public on its progress towards bringing futuristic, super-high-speed Internet speeds to homes in Kansas City today.

In a program known as Google Fiber, the company kicked off a six-week rally on July 26 to chart out a plan of where it would be building the ultra-fast network in Kansas City neighborhoods.

People were asked to pre-register for the service, and so far Google says that 180 out of 202 "fiberhoods" have qualified for the service.

"This number has blown us away–and it´s not even the final tally," Kevin Lo, General Manager of Google Access, said in a blog post. "We´re still processing some final address verification requests and pre-registrations from apartment buildings and condos."

Lo also said that 63 neighborhoods have qualified as candidates for the fast network in the past week alone.

The historic district Hanover Heights qualified for Google Fiber in just two hours, while Ivanhoe Southeast, Coronado and other neighborhoods qualified in the last few hours of the pre-registration window.

Google says that pre-registration is now closed, and that on Thursday the company would be announcing the final list of fiberhoods that have been approved for the pilot program.

"This rally has been the first step in working toward one of the long-term core goals of Google Fiber–increasing access to the Internet," Lo wrote in the post. "That´s why we´re connecting libraries, schools and community buildings in qualified fiberhoods."

The post also mentioned that one of three packages Google will be offering is a free Internet plan, so homes in Kansas City can get their own Fiber connection at today's average Internet speeds for $0 per month, and a one-time $300 construction fee.

"We´ve been working hard to get the word out about Google Fiber," wrote Lo. "And we´ve learned from our many conversations — spontaneously on the street and at hundreds of community events — that offering an affordable service is only one step towards increasing Internet access."

Google will also offer a one-gigabit-per-second service to customers for $70 per month. This package also comes with one terabyte of data storage and a network box to deliver the service.

The company also announced in July that it would offer a Fiber TV service for customers that includes different kinds of channels as well as a DVR service that will allow them to search for services on Netflix.

For the neighborhoods that will not qualify this time around, they will need to wait until "sometime next year" before they can qualify for the fiber service again.